2021/03/19  Cycle train & Rent-a-bicycle Information [The Tohoku Railway Association]

  You can hear the footsteps of spring. It will soon be a fun season to go out by bicycle. Therefore, here we will post information on cycle trains run by railway companies that are members of the Tohoku Railway Association and rental bicycles around stations.

  Note: Some of the linked websites do not support English.  

【Cycle train Infomairion】

[Aomori] Tsugaru Railway : Bring in as personal belongings Possible charge 280 yen throughout the year 

                           Contact: Tsugaru Railway Co., Ltd. Transportation Division 0173-34-2148

[Aomori] Konan Railway

[Akita] Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo

[Akita] Yri Kogen Railway

[Iwate] Sanriku Railway : You can bring it in for a fee.  Year-round

                                            Contact: Sanriku Railway Co., Ltd. Passenger Sales Department 0193-62-7000

[Miyagi / Fukushima] Abukuma Kyuko

[Fukushima] Fukushima Transportation Iizaka Line

[Fukushima] Aizu Railway

【Rent-a-bicycle Information around stations】

[Aomori] Tsugaru Railway : Free bicycle rental Bicycle rental station

[Aomori] Aoimori Railway (AsamushiOnsen Station)

[Akita] Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo (Aniai Station / Yonaizawa Station / Aikawa Station) [Iwate] Sanriku Railway (Kuji Station / Miyako Station * [Contact] Miyako station square    general sightseeing Information center 0193-62-3534 / Rikuchu-Noda Station *    [Inquiries] Nodamura Co., Ltd. 0194-78-2106)

[Iwate] Iwate Galaxy Railway (Kuriyagawa Station / Takizawa Station / Shibutami Station /    Koma Station / Ichinohe Station / Ninohe Station / KintaichiOnsen Station)  

[Yamagata] Yamagata Railway (Nagai Station / Akayu Station / Arato Station)

[Miyagi] Sendai City (Transportation Bureau City of Sendai) (Sendai Station / International Center Station / Itsutsubashi Station / Aoba DoriIchibancho Station / Nagamachi Station / Nagamachi-Minami Station * The displayed map shows rental bicycles throughout Sendai city. )

[Miyagi / Fukushima] Abukuma Express (Fukushima Station / Marumori Station / Kakuda Station)

[Fukushima] Fukushima Transportation Iizaka Line (Iizaka Onsen Station) 

[Hokkaido] South Hokkaido Railway (OshimaTobetsu Station)