2021/09/21 A railroad crossing accident prevention campaign is scheduled to be carried out in line with the autumn national traffic safety campaign [ Iwate Galaxy Railway Co., Ltd.]

The Iwate Galaxy Railway will carry out the following railroad crossing accident prevention campaigns during the "Autumn National Road Safety Campaign" in Japan. 

1. Implementation date: September 21st (Tuesday) to 30th (Thursday), 2021 * During the same period as the autumn national traffic safety campaign 

2. Exercise content: Call for prevention of railroad crossing accidents at railroad crossings, enlightenment activities to police stations along railway lines, posters and banners at stations and offices, and publicity activities through in-car broadcasting 

3. Efforts to call for accident prevention at railroad crossings

(1) Date and time: Tuesday, September 21, 2021 7: 45-8: 15

(2) Place: Iwate Ginga Railway Line Sakaidagawara railroad crossing

* 132-2 Kitayugaose, Morioka City

(3) Contents: Call for accident prevention by the president, safety Supervisor, etc.

* Police and JR East will also participate.

Safety manager 

2021/06/23     Sanriku Railway will hold an abnormal driving handling training session !       (Sanriku Railway Co., Ltd.)

    With the aim of improving the knowledge and skills of employees and working together to ensure the safety and stable transportation of trains,

Sanriku Railway, a member of our association, will hold an abnormal driving handling training session (actual vehicle training) on June 28 (Monday). 


Details are as follows 

1 June 28th, 2021 (Monday) 11: 35-13: 20

2  Location Taro Station (17-2 Taro Kobayashi, Miyako City)

3  Training content A driving method in which another train rescues a train that has become unable to run due to a breakdown between stations.

4  Depends on the driving handling training session

   (1) Opening 11:35

   (2) Explanation of training contents 11:40

   (3) Start of training 11:55

   (4) End of training 13:10

   (5) Comment / Closing 13:20

5  Main training contents

   ① Enforcement of the messenger law accompanying the operation of rescue trains

   ② Designation and cancellation of dispatched stationmasters and how to respond to dispatched stationmasters

   ③ Handling of the driver

   ④ Thorough contact with relevant parties during rescue train operation