Iwate Galaxy Railway

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Event Train List

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Iwate Galaxy Railway  Please see each company's website.  Rapid "Aomori / Morioka Liner"

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the opening of both companies, Aoimori Railway  and Iwate Galaxy Railway will operate the Rapid Trains that extend the normal direct operation section (between Hachinohe and Morioka) between Aomori and Hachinohe and Morioka.

The service period and number of trains are 18 during the three consecutive holidays in July and September. 

This is the first direct operation between Aomori and Morioka by Aoimori Railway Company.

 You can get on at the regular fare.

 Iwate Galaxy Railway



Aoimori Railway


Rapid "Aomori / Morioka Liner"


Information on various events



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Iwate Galaxy


June 18th (Sat),

July 9th (Sat)

Aoyama ★ Flea Market 

 This event will be held at the station Naka restaurant "Bistoro Galaxy" at the south exit of Aoyama Station.This time, the first time, we will hold a flea market and a railroad mini-forgotten thing market with the theme of "for kids".                                           


(1,000 yen for shop owners)



Iwate Galaxy Railway

June 18th (Sat), July 9th (Sat)

IGR ride experience

Along with the "Aoyama★Flea Market", we will hold an "IGR ride experience event" for parents and children.Wear IGR uniforms, board the IGR, and tour the Northern Iwate Bus.A meal ticket for the Bisutoro Galaxy is included, so please enjoy "Aoyama★Flea Market" as well.

* Advance application required

1 group 2,500 yen (2 adults + up to 4 preschoolers)

Please contact us if there are other people or elementary school students wishing to board.


"Bistro Galaxy" where "Aoyama Flea Market" is held

IGR ride experience (image)




June 25 Galaxy Railway Sightseeing Tour Galactic Railway Tourism is looking for tour participants for "Hirono Town Tour in Early Summer to Know the Edo Period Sake" Kunimitsu Masamune "". 9,000yen



From the poster of

the Galactic Railway Sightseeing Tour

Iwate Galaxy Railway June 23 (Thursday) -Early July Installation of Tanabata decoration Tanabata decorations will be installed at 5 stations: Aoyama Station (South Exit), Sugo Station, Koma Station, Iwatenumakunai Station, and Okunakayama Kogen Station.     Free                                                                                    

Decorating Tanabata (2019)

Iwate Galaxy Railway July 9th (Sat) -July 13th (Wed) Ninohe Oritsume-dake Himebotaru Premium Night Tour

A jointly planned tour of Galactic Railway Tourism and Michinori Travel Tohoku.Oritsume-dake is a habitat for the Himebotaru, which is said to be one of the largest in the Tohoku region and was designated as a natural monument in Iwate Prefecture in April 2018.The illumination-like blinks of light seen in the primeval beech forest are fantastic.

For departures from Thursday, July 14th to Monday, July 18th, please contact "Michinori Travel Tohoku(TEL:+81-195-31-1202)".

〇When using Iwate Galaxy Railway

・Adult 11,000 yen

・Elementary school student 9,500 yen


〇When not using Iwate Galaxy Railway

・Adults and elementary school students 8,000 yen


Habitat of "Himebotaru"

Mr. Horiuchi who will guide you

Special ticket List

◆ Introducing special tickets for passenger railway members of the Tohoku Railway Association. Please use it in various situations in your 

    daily life. 

Company Name  Ticket Name  Price Applicable section    Validity period / Applicable period   Other applicable conditions 

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Iwate Galaxy Railway IGR Holiday Free Ticket 

Adult 3,000 yen

Child 1,500 yen 

All sections of the Iwate Galaxy Railway Line 

○ 1 day / year-round (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

○ 1day / New Year holidays (December 30th to January 3rd)  




Iwate Galaxy Railway Kita Iwate Gurutto Pass 

Adult 5,200 yen

Child 2,600 yen

Iwate Galaxy Railway Line:  Between Morioka Station and Kindaichi Onsen Station

 (Sanriku Rias Line: Between Kuji Station and Miyako Station)

 (JR Bus Tohoku Swallow: Between Ninohe Station and Kuji Station)

 (Northern Iwate Transportation's Bus 106 Limited Express / Express Bus: Between Miyako station and Morioka station) 

3days/ year round You can get on and off only in one direction (Ninohe-Kindaichi Onsen Station can be returned) 



Iwate Galaxy Railway IGR Birthday Ticket 500yen All sections of the Iwate Galaxy Railway Line  1 day / birthday day + 1 day before and after birthday   Up to 3 companions 500 yen per person (limited to the same itinerary)  



Iwate Galaxy Railway Okunakayama Kogen Kodomonomori(Children's Forest) Ticket  Please see the website on the right.  Iwate Galaxy Railway Line (from boarding station to Okunakayama Kogen Station)   2days/year round   Iwate Galay Railway Line round-trip fare from boarding station to Okunakayama Kogen Station + Northern Iwate Transportation Bus Okunakayama District (Okunakayama Kogen Station-Onsen / Ski Resort-Iwate Children's Forest) Free to get on and off 



Iwate Galaxy Railway Half-price round-trip ticket for junior high school student  Half price for junior high school student  All sections of the Iwate Galaxy Railway Line 

○ Year-round (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

○ [Summer vacation] July 15th-August 31st, 2021

○ [Winter vacation] December 15, 2021-January 31, 2022

○ [Spring Break] March 1st-April 10th, 2022  




Iwate Galaxy Railway Fes"an Shopping Ticket Please see the website on the right.  Iwate Galaxy Railway Line (from boarding station to Morioka station)   

〇 3 days / year-round (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

〇 3 days / Sansa dance period (August 1st to 4th)

〇 3 days / New Year holidays (December 30-January 3)    

Iwate Galaxy Railway Line round-trip fare from boarding station to Morioka Station + Morioka Station Building "Fes"an, Hotel Metropolitan" shopping ticket for 2,000 yen  



Iwate Galaxy Railway IGR HUG PASS Please see the website on the right.  From each station on the Iwate Galaxy Railway Line between Aoyama and Metoki Station to Morioka Station) (Iwateken Kotsu Bua Morioka Station-fare 160 yen section)  

5 days / year-round (1 year from purchase)   

Pregnant women from the time they receive Boshi-Techo(Maternal and Child Health Handbook) to the time they give birth   



Iwate Galaxy Railway Goshono Jomon Ticket 

① Adult  3,700yen

② Adult  2,400yen

③ Adulu 1,500yen 

Iwate Galaxy Railway Line 

① Morioka Station -Ichinohe Station

② Iwate-numakunai Station

- Ichinohe Station

③ Ninohe Station - Ichinohe Station

1 day (1 round trip) / April 1, 2022 to November 30, 2022

・ A set of admission fee to Goshonojomon Museum and a 500 yen shopping ticket that can be used at the museum shop in Goshonojomon Park

・ North Iwate MaaS limited sale