South Hokkaido Railway

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June 10th and 24th/

July 8th and 22nd/

August 19th and 26th/

September 2nd, 16th, 30th/

October 14th  

 Sightseeing train Nagamare Kaikyou-Go  A trip on a chartered sightseeing train produced by Nippon Travel Agency. This is a day tour where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Tsugaru Strait and gourmet food made with local ingredients on the South Hokkaido Railway "Nagamare Kaikyo-Go" that runs between Hakodate and Kikonai. The hospitality of everyone along the line is also attractive! The stand sale and seafood barbecue on the platform of the station are special experiences unique to this tour.  12,900 yen - 14,900 yen                        



Sightseeing train Nagamare Kaikyou-Go

Various Event

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From May 2nd, 2023

to early June, 2024

 Hokuto City Photo Contest

In-vehicle display of prize-

winning works in the first half

of Reiwa 4

The 12 prize-winning works of the "Hokuto City Photo Contest" held in Hokuto City along the line will be displayed in the "Nagamare" car. We are exhibiting wonderful works, so please take a look when you use the train.

Admission is free

fare required



Hokuto City Photo Contest In-vehicle display of prize-winning works in the first half of Reiwa 4

Special ticket List

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 Isaribi 1 day ticket

Adult 1,000 yen

Child 500 yen

South Hokkaido Railway Line

Goryokaku - Kikonai

 1 day/all year  




Isaribi 1 Day Campus

Adult 1,600 yen

Child 800 yen

South Hokkaido Railway Line Goryokaku


KikonaiHakodate Bus Route bus

within the designated area

of Hakodate city

1 day/From May 8, 2023 Mobile version only