Tsugaru Railway

◆This page will introduce Event trains, Various events and Special tickets (tickets planned and sold for discount services and convenience improvement) of Tsugaru Railway. 

◆If you are considering purchasing tickets, please check the website or customer service of the Tsugaru railway. 

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   "Adult" is 12 years old or older 

  "Child" is 6 to 12 years old

Event train List

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Special ticket List

◆ Introducing special tickets for passenger railway members of the Tohoku Railway Association. Please use it in various situations in your 

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Company Name  Ticket Name  Price Applicable section    Validity period / Applicable period   Other applicable conditions 

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Tsugaru Railway COLOPL ☆ All-you-can-ride 1-day free ticket  Adult 2,450 yen  All sections of the Tsugaru Railway Line  1 day / year-round   





Tsugaru Railway Tsugaru Free Pass

Adult 2,100 yen

Child 1,050 yen 

Tsugaru Railway Line (Tsugaru Goshogawara Station-Kanagi Station) (Konan Railway: All sections) (JR Ou Line: Ikarigaseki Station-Aomori Station) (JR Gono Line: Kawabe Station-Goshogawara Station) (Konan Bus: See HP)  2 days / year-round    



Tsugaru Railway Tsugaru Kishakko Carnival 2021 One-day free Ticket  Adult 2,000 yen  All sections of the Tsugaru Railway Line  1day / November 11, 2021-March 31, 2023