2021/10/18 Special trains will be operated !    For "Iwate / Kamaishi Rugby Memorial Match" [Sanriku Railway]

Sanriku Railway will operate a special train for the "Iwate / Kamaishi Rugby Memorial Match" to be held on January 14, 2021 (Sun). One round trip between Morioka-Tohoku Line-Kamaishi Line-Unosumai using two JR trains, and one round trip between Miyako and Unosumai using one Sanriku Railway train.


How about using the Sanriku Railway to see the Kamaishi Seawaves RFC vs Kobelco Kobe Steelers match and a variety of attractions?


For details, please see here (Sanriku Railway official website)



2021/10/13 2021 Autumn Premium Lunch Train  (Miyako-Sakari) is about to operate!   [Sanriku Railway]

Sanriku Railway will operate the "2021 Autumn Premium Lunch Train" on Saturdays and holidays from October 23 (Sat) to November 28 (Sun), 2021. 


There are a total of 14 temporary trains(Ozashiki train)  running between Miyako Station and Sakari Station on the Sanriku Railway.The trains will offer a special lunch to please the passengers traveling in Iwate Sanriku. This time, in addition to the popular "Special Nigiri Sushi! Santetsu Sushi" in the spring issue, new upgraded versions of "Bottle Don" and "Ichigoni Bento" will be added.


For details, please see here (Sanriku Railway official website)


2021/10/04 "North Iwate MaaS" service started! 【Iwate Galaxy Railway/Sanriku Railway】

Iwate Galaxy Railway and Sanriku Railway will start selling some advantageous tickets by North Iwate MaaS. 

This makes it possible to easily and conveniently purchase a ticket on a smartphone, etc. while staying at home, and the purchased ticket is displayed on the smartphone screen so that you can use the train or bus as it is. 


The ”Kita Iwate MaaS website” introduces how to use Kita Iwate MaaS, as well as tourist information and model courses.


1.Service start date

From Wednesday, October 6, 2021


2. Released products

Kita Iwate Gurutto Pass (A pass to go around North Iwate) 

* The products released by North Iwate MaaS will be expanded in the future.

3.How to use

Please see the "Kita Iwate MaaS website ". 


Website with relaited articles : Iwate Galaxy Railway Website,

                                                         Sanriku Railway Website 

※What is MaaS?

MaaS stands for Mobility as a Saervic. For example, when moving from home to destination, until now, you had to search, make reservations, and make payments for each of multiple transportation systems, but by making it possible to do so with just one smartphone app (MaaS app), It is intended to facilitate movement. 

2021/10/04  The gallery train, where you can enjoy the spectacular view of Sanriku with the train window and illustrations, starts! [Sanriku Railway]

In collaboration with the Nippon Kokoku Seisaku kyokai (OAC), Sanriku Railway will operate one train every day as "Sanriku Railway Window Gallery Train" on the Sanriku Railway Rias Line for one month from October 1, 2021. 

Posted in the vehicle are 60 illustrations of the scenery of the train window sent by professionals and amateurs nationwide who want to revitalize Sanriku and the towns along the railway lines. A large-format calendar consisting of 13 of their works will also be on sale from October 1st. 


For details, please see here

2021/09/21 Published a list of major planned boarding tickets for regional railways under the jurisdiction of the Tohoku Distorict Transport Bureau [Tohoku District Transport Bureau]

Last week, the Tohoku District Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism released a list of planned boarding tickets run by regional railway operators in the Tohoku region. 

An official of the Railway Department of the Tohoku District Transport Bureau said, "Regional railways in the Tohoku region issue various ingenious free passes and discount tickets as a measure to stimulate passenger demand. Based on these efforts of regional railway companies, the Tohoku District Transport Bureau will organize the efforts of each company into a list and disseminate information from the viewpoint of improving user convenience.  In this way, we would like to contribute to the promotion of the use of regional railways and the revitalization of the region."

In the list, various planned tickets of 12 members of the Tohoku Railway Association are listed.

Please see here for details.

* Members of the Tohoku Railway Association in the list: Tsugaru Railway/ Konan Railway/ Aoimori Railway/ Iwate Galaxy Railway/ Sanriku Railway/ Transportaion Bureau City of Sendai/ Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo/ YURI KOGEN RAILWAY/ Yamagata Railway/ Abukuma Kyuko/ Fukushima Transportation / Aizu Railway 

2021/09/21 Let's eat ingredients from the north of Iwate prefecture! " Saru-nashi WEEK" now being held [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

[About  Saru-nashi ] 

 Saru-nashi is a small fruit that is sweet and sour like kiwifruit. The fruit is smaller than kiwifruit and is also called "baby kiwi" in English. Since there is no hair on the surface, it can be eaten with the skin, and it is also used for processed products such as fruit liquor and jam.

Iwate Galaxy Railway offers dishes using Karumai-cho's special product "Saru-nashi" for a limited time at the restaurant "Galaxy Dining Henoheno" operated by their company. 


This is the second step in efforts to improve the name recognition of ingredients and processed products in the northern part of the prefecture, expand sales channels, and acquire fans in collaboration with  North Wide Area Promotion Bureau of the Iwate Prefecture.



1.Release period

September 18th (Sat) -October 13th (Wed), 2021

2. menu

・ Saru-nashi dressing x power salad 500 yen (tax included)

・ Saru-nashi jam and seasonal fruit crepe 580 yen (tax included)

・ Saru-nashi yogurt drink 400 yen (tax included) 

Please see here for details. 

2021/09/06 "Morioka-Aomori Railway 130th Anniversary Commemorative Station Admission Ticket Set"will be on sale from September 17th ![Iwate Galaxy Railway / Aoimori Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway and Aomori Railway will release a limited number of "Morioka-Aomori Railway 130th Anniversary Commemorative Station Admission Ticket Set" from September 17, 2021 (Friday). 

This is a special mount with hard ticket admission tickets for all 14 stations, which will celebrate the 130th anniversary of its opening this year and Morioka Station. 

This set can be actually used during the valid period, and the special mount contains photographs of railway vehicles and station buildings from the past to the present between Morioka and Aomori. 


For more information, please check the website below.

Iwate Galaxy Railway       Aoimori Railway 

2021/08/26 Yahoo! Net Fundraising "Sanriku Railway Support Fundraising" Announcement [Sanriku Railway]

       At Sanriku Railway, due to the influence of Covid-19, the number of passengers, mainly tourists, has decreased significantly, fare income has been halved in FY2020, and the severe situation continues in FY2021.

       However, the number of trains operated per day is not large, and if even one train is reduced, it will have a large impact on passengers who use it for commuting to work, school, or hospital. Therefore, even after the fare revenue has decreased significantly, the trains have been operated without reduction. 

        Under these circumstances, with the cooperation of Yahoo Japan Corporation, Sanriku Railway has opened the Yahoo! Net Fundraising "Sanriku Railway Support Fundraising". 


         At the time of opening, Sanriku Railway said, "The donations received will be used for the continuation of stable operation and the planning and creation of planned trains and travel products after Covid-19 is settled. We will work to play a leading role in tourism and regional development as a transportation infrastructure that supports everyone's lives. " 


Yahoo! Net Fundraising URL https://donation.yahoo.co.jp/detail/5242002


■ Click here for related articles on the Sanriku Railway website. 

2021/08/11  About the release of limited "Tetsu In Cho(鉄印帳)"    [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

        Iwate Galaxy Railway will release a limited number of "Golden Tetsu In Cho with Tetsu Card of Third Sector Railways Council" in addition to the dark blue, black, green, and denim Tetsu In Cho currently on sale. 


1.About "Golden Tetsu In Cho with Tetsu Card of Third Sector Railways Council" :  The Tetsu In Cho celebrated its first anniversary on July 10, 2021.  "Golden Tetsu In Cho with Tetsu Card of Third Sector Railways Council" is a limited Tetsu In Cho released in commemoration of this. It will be released in a limited quantity.

2. Release date: Saturday, August 14, 2021

3. Amount: 2,500 yen (tax included)

4. Number of copies sold: 100

5. Handling location and reception hours:

         [Handling location] Aoyama Station Aoyama South Exit

         [Reception hours] 7:00 to 11:00 / 12:00 to 19:00 

6. Inquiries: IGR Iwate Ginga Railway Co., Ltd. Transportation Department Sales Promotion Group TEL 019-601-9983 FAX 019-601-9998 

2021/08/11   The 4th and 5th "IGR Day Trip Pack" are on sale!  [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

     Iwate Galaxy Railway has released the 4th and 5th IGR Day Trip Packs, which are a set of IGR 1-day free boarding ticket and lunch, at Galaxy Railway Tourism(銀河鉄道観光)

      The 4th is a tour pack with a full-scale lunch course provided by the restaurant of "Hotel Metropolitan Morioka", and you can choose from Japanese, Western, and Chinese food.

      The 5th is a tour pack with a new menu of IGR's directly managed restaurant "Galaxy Dining Henoheno" and a lunch set of Jomon sweets. 

       Click here for the details of the 4th, and click here for the details of the 5th. 

2021/08/10 Departure!    "Goat Yvonne" wrapping train  [Sanriku Railway]

  A bright red wrapping train featuring "Goat Yvonne" will be operated on the Sanriku Railway from August 12th. At the start of operation on the same day, a departure ceremony will be held with the attendance of the goat stationmaster Yvonne. 

  This train is operated by "Growth Partners(グロースパートナーズ)," the operator of the pastry shop "PATISSERIE LAIT DE CHEVRE(パティスリーレドシェーブル)," which has a store near Miyako Station, and is a wrapping train that fully designs the company's popular character, "Goat Yvonne." For this reason, the company raised funds through crowdfunding.

  In operation on August 12, various cakes will be reserved as an all-you-can-eat sweets train, but after that it will be used as a normal operation vehicle. 

2021/08/02 We have "Jomon sweets", "Coffee set to enjoy with lacquer ware", and "Hechokodango tea set"!          [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Jomon:The Jomon period is one of the period divisions in the Japanese archipelago, and is equivalent to the Mesolithic or Neolithic period in world history. It is called "Jomon" because there are many rope patterns on the surface of the pottery of this period. 

           Iwate Galaxy Railway sells "Jomon Sweets" to commemorate the registration of the Goshono Site as a World Heritage Site at the restaurants "びすとろ銀河(Bisutoro Galaxy)" and "銀河ダイニングへのへの(Galaxy Dining Henoheno)" operated by the company. This will be implemented as the first step in collaboration with the Iwate Prefecture North Wide Area Promotion Bureau to improve the name recognition of ingredients and processed products in the north region of Iwate Prefecture, expand sales channels, and acquire fans.

For details, please see here.

           In addition, "銀河ダイニングへのへの(Galaxy Dining Henoheno)" will be added as a new menu from August 1st, "Coffee set to enjoy with lacquer ware" and "Local snack his Hechokodango tea set". 

For more information, please click here

※ "Hetchoko" is a dialect of the Ninohe region that means navel. The center of the dango is slightly dented to make it look like a navel. In addition, it is said that the name was given in the sense of aiming for "hehecho (difficulty)" in farm work for one year.

※ Dango : Rice flour or other grain flour is rolled with water or hot water and then steamed. 

2021/07/30  Joint project to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the opening of the railway between Morioka and Aomori     [Aoimori Railway, Iwate Galaxy Railway]

         The railway between Morioka and Aomori will celebrate its 130th anniversary on September 1st this year. To commemorate this, Iwate Galaxy Railway and Aoimori Railway will jointly release a special ticket "Morioka-Aomori Railway 130th Anniversary" Morimori(もりもり) Free Pass "".  In addition, we will hold a stamp rally for the 130th anniversary of the opening of the station for a limited time. 

           For details, please see Aoimori Railway or Iwate Galaxy Railway

2021/07/19 "Local Private Railway Photo Contest 2021" will be held!  [Japan Private Railway Association]

 The Japan Private Railway Association (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will hold the "Local Railway Photo Contest 2021" as a new project in 2021 with the aim of promoting and revitalizing the use of 57 member local private railway companies.

 You can apply for "landscape with railroad" as long as it is a photo related to local private railways, such as vehicles, station buildings, scenery along the railway lines, and sightseeing spots. 

You can participate in the "Local Railway Photo Contest 2021" by simply posting a photo with three hashtags on Twitter, and the theme of the work recruitment is "Landscape with a railroad" and "Private railway kids". Children under elementary school age can also apply for "Private Railway Kids".

    Awards are set for each theme, and prizes such as a travel ticket of 50,000 yen (application theme: scenery with a railroad) are prepared for excellent works. 

    Please see here for details on how to apply for works. 

2021/07/09 "Virtual Boarding Train" is in operation !!  [Tsugaru Railway]

    Due to the spread of Covid-19, travel was refrained and the number of Tsugaru Railway users decreased sharply. 

 Under these circumstances, Tsugaru Railway began distributing the scenery from the train on YouTube in April of last year (2020) under the title of "Virtual Ride-Today's Tsugaru Railway-". 

 The second edition was released in October last year, and in February this year, "Bishamon to Tsugaru Iizume (up / down)" and "Amabie Lantern Train (inside / inside 2)" were also released. The nature of Tsugaru, such as the colored autumn and freezing winter from the train window, and the appearance of the train running in it are projected. And it makes us feel like going on a trip. The next delivery is awaited.

 For the second YouTube image, please see here (Tsugaru Railway official website)

* Tsugaru Railway President Choniro Sawada commented, "Similar to the first edition, if you feel like riding, plese donate the amount equivalent to the" fare "." 

2021/07/08 "IGR x Takizawa City Photo Contest" will be held     [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

     Iwate Galaxy Railway will hold "IGR x Takizawa City Photo Contest" with Takizawa City. The works to be recruited are photographs taken of "Takizawa City x IGR Wrapping Vehicle" which started operation in March 2021 or photographs taken at Takizawa Station / Sugo Station. The purpose of this contest is to provide an opportunity to rediscover the goodness of the IGR line and Takizawa city. 


1.Photo Contest Name: IGR x Takizawa City Photo Contest

2.Application period: July 15, 2021 (Thursday) -November 15, 2021 (Monday)

3.Recruitment procedure: Please see here (Iwate Galaxy Railway official website)

4. The operation information of "Takizawa City x IGR Wrapping Vehicle" is available on the Iwate Galaxy Railway website. * Operation and operation time may change without notice due to weather, accidents, breakdowns, etc.

5. About Takizawa Station / Sugo Station An admission ticket or a ticket is required to enter the platform. In addition to Takizawa's specialty products and major facilities, station pillars and signboards depicting Takizawa's character "Chagupon" and IGR image character "Ginga-kun / Kirari-chan" are installed. 

2021/07/02 "3 companies collaboration hard admission ticket set with the Railroad Girls (Tetsudo-Musume)drawn" is on sale! !!

           Tohoku Destination Campaign Commemoration ~ South Tohoku Third Sector Railway Joint Project 2nd ~ 

 Aizu Railway, Abukuma Express and Yamagata Railway have started selling the 2nd new product of the South Tohoku Third Sector Railway Project, which is being carried out in conjunction with the Tohoku Destination Campaign. 

    The first product sold in April of this year was selling well, mainly online, while the number of people was decreasing due to the spread of Covid-19 infection, and it was well received not only by railroad fans but also by many people. 

 This second product was planned to help regain the vitality of each region by creating brighter topics. 


[Release Date] July 1, 2021 (Thursday)

[Price] One set 1,000 yen (common to all companies)

[Set contents] Aizu Railway (Amaya Station / Okawa Dam Park Station), Abukuma Express (Marumori Station / Takako Station), Yamagata Railway (Ayukai Station / Ringo Station)

* Each company's original mount (D-type hard ticket) for each company's 2 stations, a total of 6 sheets, 1 set

[Release quantity] Aizu Railway / Yamagata Railway limited 300 sets, Abukuma Express limited 500 sets

● For purchase, please see the websites of each company below. 

 〇Aizu Railway 〇 Abukuma Express 〇 Yamagata Railway  

2021/07/02 The third "IGR Day Trip Pack" will be released soon! [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

    Iwate Galaxy Railway will release the third "IGR Day Trip Pack", which is a set of IGR 1-day free boarding ticket and lunch, at Galaxy Railway Tourism(銀河鉄道観光). The third one is a limited-time tour pack that matches the period of the Ishigami-no-Oka Museum "Flower and Art Forest Festa 2021", which includes admission to the Ishigami-no-Oka Museum and lunch at Restran Ishigami-no-Oka.

1. departure date :July 10th (Sat) -July 25th (Sun), 2021  * One day during the


2. Use section:Between Morioka Station and Kintaichi Onsen Station

3. Validity period:Only on the day of boarding    * Please apply at least 5 business  days before each departure date.

4. Actual payment: Adult 2,500 yen (Travel price 4,500 yen-Support amount 2,000      yen), Children (elementary school students) / IGR galaxy fan club member

    ¥ 2,200  (travel price ¥ 4,200-support amount ¥ 2,000)   

    * IGR 1-day free boarding ticket, restaurant Ishigami-no-oka lunch, admission to

      Ishigami-no-oka Museum, Iwate support coupon for 2,000 yen, including IGR


5. Release location:Galaxy Railway Tourism  (2-2-8 Aoyama,  Morioka City, 

    Aoyama South Exit 9: 30-17: 30 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

 * This product is not available at each IGR station window.

6. Release conditions: The application is "only for those who live in Iwate  prefecture". When applying, submit a special application form, etc.

 All participants are required to "present a certificate of residence in Iwate  Prefecture".

 7. How to apply:At least 5 business days before the departure date, by phone, fax,  email, homepage, address, name, Please let them know your phone number and      the number of participants.

【Contact Infomation】

 Iwate Galaxy Railway Co., Ltd. Galaxy Railway Tourism TEL 019-601-9991

    FAX 019-601-9996 (2-2-8 Aoyama, Morioka City, 020-0133)  

    URL https://igr-t.jp/ 


2021/07/01  The works for Yukyu-No-Kaze (悠久の風 ; Eternal Wind) Photo Contest 2021 will be accepted from today !    [Sanriku Railway]

                             Winning works of "7th Yukyu No Kaze Photo Contest"

    Sanriku Railway cooperates with the "Yukyu-No-Kaze(悠久の風 ; Eternal Wind) Photo Contest 2021" sponsored by Eizan Electric Railway (Headquarters: Sakyo-ku, Kyoto) and Kazenoeki [Travel Information Station Kyoto] (Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto). And this year as well, works will be accepted from July 1st (Thursday) to December 31st (Friday), 2021, and the results will be announced and exhibited in February 2022.  

    This photo contest has been held since 2013 so that you can feel the wind of the area where Minamoto no Yoshitsune lived because  two places of Kurama and Iwate prefecture are related to Minamoto no Yoshitsune. This is a project that is being carried out as one of the events "Yukyu-No-Kaze  to Nanbu- Furin(南部風鈴 ; Nanbu Wind Bells)". 

     For the first time, They are looking for works taken according to themes such as Eizan Electric Railway, Sanriku Railway, scenery of Kyoto and Iwate, using Instagram.

    For details, please see here (Sanriku Railway official website). 

2021/06/28 Sanriku Railway presents a letter of appreciation to Kuji City Ube Junior High School and Ube Elementary School [Sanriku Railway]

 Sanriku Railway presented a letter of appreciation to Kuji City Ube Junior High School and Ube Elementary School, which have been conducting volunteer cleaning activities in and around Rikuchu-Ube Station for many years, to express their gratitude. The schedule is as follows, and President Ichiro Nakamura of Sanriku Railway Co., Ltd. will present a letter of appreciation to the students.


[Ube Junior High School]

Due date: Friday, July 2, 2021


Place:Kuji City Ube Junior High School


[Ube Elementary School]

Due date: Friday, July 9, 2021

Time: 13:40

Place: Kuji City Ube Elementary School 

2021/06/28    Re-release of limited TETSU-IN-CHO(鉄印帳)!  [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

 Iwate Galaxy Railway will re-release a limited number of black, green, and denim TETSU-IN-CHO in addition to the dark blue one currently on sale.

1. About different-colored TETSU-IN-CHO : Black and green TETSU-IN-CHO have been newly released since September last year in addition to the usual color of navy blue. The TETSU-IN-CHO made from denim is an original one that has been on sale at Echigo Tokimeki Railway since November last year. Due to its popularity, these reprints have been made, so Iwate Galaxy Railway will release it again in a limited quantity.

2. Release date :July 1, 2021 (Thursday) 

3. Amount :[Black, Green] 2,200 yen (tax included)    [Denim fabric] 2,500 yen (tax included)

* Regular dark blue TETSU-IN-CHO is on sale for his 2,200 yen (tax included).

4. Number of copies sold: [Black, green] 100 books for each color

 [Denim fabric] 50 books

 For details, please see here (Iwate Galaxy Railway Official Website) 

2021/06/28 Professional soccer players will install ropes to prevent deer invasion !  [Sanriku Railway]

     At Sanriku Railway, animals such as deer invade the railroad tracks, causing collisions with trains. As one of the countermeasures, ropes to prevent deer invasion are being installed on the sides of the railroad tracks. Knowing this situation, Iwate Grulla Morioka offered to help the players install the ropes, and for the first time, professional soccer players will install the deer ropes. The team is currently in 2nd place in J3 (as of 6/24) and will be working with the help of a team that is doing well this season. 

     The planned installation work is as follows.

1. Time      July 1st, 2021 (Thursday) 14: 00-16: 00

2. Place     Heida Station South Side

3. Participants

  ① Iwate Grulla Morioka   Bismarck  Player (planned) and 4 others in total

  ② President Nakamura of Sanriku Railway Co., Ltd., employee of facility department

4. Work contents       A deer repellent rope will be installed beside the track (approx. 150m section) 

5.This is the second collaboration between Iwate Grulla Morioka and Sanriku Railway since March 2021 when the mascot Charactor Kizuru boarded the Sanriku Railway.

* Iwate Grulla Morioka is a soccer club that is a member of the Japan Professional Soccer League (J League), which has 14 cities, 15 towns and 4 villages in Iwate Prefecture as its home town. 

2021/06/25 Birth of a wrapping trailer designed for Sanriku Railway  [Sanriku Railway]

 Okuni Logistics Ltd. (Ofunato City) is wrapping the bodies of its two trailers  (about 12m in length)  with Sanriku Railway vehicles and "Santetsukun" designed. This is the first time that Sanriku Railway vehicle has been wrapped in a trailer.

    The trailer of Okuni Logistics runs all over Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu, and is expected to have a high PR effect nationwide and also to have a great effect on increasing the number of tourists in the future.

    Okuni Logistics and Sanriku Railway will jointly hold an unveiling ceremony on June 29th (Tuesday) at the Ofunato Foods Parking Lot of Abecho Shoten Co., Ltd. in Ofunato City from 11:00 am. 

2021/06/23 ”100 yen ticket for elementary school students” released!  [ Iwate Galaxy  Railway]

   Iwate Galaxy Railway will sell a great ticket for elementary school students only, which allows you to use the Iwate Galaxy Railway Line for 100 yen one way.

   This ticket is a project to be implemented with the support of the Iwate Galaxy Railway Utilization Promotion Council, which is organized by Iwate Prefecture and municipalities along the railway lines, in order to stimulate the railway demand that is sluggish due to Covid-19 and increase the number of outings along the railway lines.

    How about using it for going out with your children during the summer vacation? 

    Please see here for details. 

2021/06/22 JAL flight attendants entertain you on the Premium Lunch Train! [Sanriku Railway]

 Sanriku Railway operates the "Premium Lunch Train" on Saturdays and Sundays until June 27th. On the train on June 26th (Saturday), Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.'s "JAL *Furusato Cheering Squad (Iwate Prefecture)" will provide hospitality. 

 This time, Ms. Tachibana, who was born in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, will talk about his feelings for his hometown and episodes on the plane that he usually cannot hear. And it is planned to have them spend a good time while interacting with the passengers. In addition to introducing stations and sightseeing spots, there are also customer dialogues, commemorative photos, and small gifts.

   It is guaranteed to be a special Premium Lunch Train.

*”Furusato” in Japanese means hometown.

* For a related article about "Premium Lunch Train" by Tetsutabi -鉄たび-& Info, see "Premium Lunch Train service started !" Dated May 06, 2021. 



2021/06/16 Takizawa City x IGR collaboration wrapping vending machine is now available at Takizawa Station!  [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

 Iwate Galaxy Railway will install "Takizawa City x IGR Collaboration Wrapping Vending Machine" at Takizawa Station. This vending machine will be installed by Michinoku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture) using the design of the Takizawa City x IGR wrapping vehicle that started operation in March 2021.

〇Installation location: Takizawa Station (Nozawa, Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture) Waiting room

〇Installation date: Thursday, June 17, 2021 

2021/06/15 Tohoku Electric Power ✕ Sanriku Railway  About the exhibition of the history panel of the electric power business in the Tohoku Electric Power wrapping train [Sanriku Railway]

   Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. Iwate Sanriku Sales Office (Director: Toshiyuki Sato) will exhibit panels that introduce the history of the electric power business in Iwate Prefecture to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Tohoku Electric Power's founding.  The theme is "History of" Denki(Electricity) ", Petit trip of Sanriku Railway ."  The period is from June 15th (Tuesday) to September 30th (Thursday). And the exhibition place is in the Tohoku Electric Power wrapping train of Sanriku Railway.

   Through this exhibition, the organizer would like to express our gratitude to all the people who have supported the Tohoku Electric Power Group so far, as well as to see many people about the history of the electric power business in Iwate Prefecture, which has been walking with the community. ". 

    For inquiries about Tohoku Electric Power wrapping train operating times and fares, please call 0193-62-8900. 

2021/06/15 Take the Sanriku Railway and go to see the folk performing arts of Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture!  [Sanriku Railway]

    Sanriku Railway conducts a tour to appreciate the folk performing art "Kagaribi no Mai" in Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture, which is held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month as part of the Tohoku DC (Destination Campaign).  It is a great tour that includes a round-trip fare, meals at "Sanriku Hana Hotel Hamagiku", and a fee for viewing the local performing arts. In addition, "Iwate Support Coupon" will be distributed to each person for 2,000 yen as a product targeted for the Iwate Travel Support Project.

【setting date】

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Saturday, July 24, 2021

For more information, please click here.

2021/06/09 IGR will release hors d'oeuvres for Father's Day [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

    IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway Co., Ltd. will release "Father's Day Hors d'oeuvre" using plenty of ingredients from Iwate Prefecture at the restaurant "Bistoro Galaxy" in the south exit of Aoyama Station. 


 1. Sale date June 18th (Friday), 19th (Saturday), 20th (Sunday) 11: 30-17: 30

    * Limited to 15 pieces each day

    * Reservation required

    * From 14:00 to 17:00 on the 18th (Friday) and 19th (Saturday)

    You can also pick it up at Galaxy Dining Heno Heno - への への - (on the 2nd floor of Cassiopeia Messe, which is adjacent to Ninohe Station). Please let us know where you will pick it up when you make a reservation. 

2. Menu

・ Abedori deep-fried chicken wings curry flavor from Iwate prefecture

・ Abedori homemade liver mousse from Iwate prefecture

・ 10 items such as quiche of local vegetables along the Iwate Galaxy Railway

3. Fee

     2,400 yen (tax included) for 2 people

     4,800 yen (tax included) for 4 people

  * You can use Iwate GoToEat, Iwate Travel Support Coupon, and Morio Ale(モリ 


 4. Reservation method

 By June 15th (Tuesday), please let us know your name, telephone number, date and time of receipt, location, and desired quantity from any of the telephone, fax, or homepage.

 ○ For details, please see here





2021/06/02 "Santetsu Summer Gifts" are now on sale!   [Sanriku Railway]

 Sanriku Railway sells gems that represent the railway lines as "gifts" to everyone nationwide. This summer, sales began on June 1st (Tuesday) with the theme of "The blessings of Sanriku and the energy of Sanriku to you."  This time, we are preparing a lot of new products selected by the employees themselves.


[Sales period] From June 1st, 2021 (Tuesday) to August 22nd, 2021 (Sunday)

* Limited to the Santetsutsuya online shop, we are offering an early discount campaign from June 1st to June 20th. 

[Products for sale] They have lined up 43 items such as special products of municipalities along the Sanriku Railway so that you can be used as gifts and souvenirs.

・ Seafood such as Bin Don, abalone, and sea urchin

・ Sweets such as ice cream and gelato

・ Beverages such as local sake, wine, and juice

・ Shorthorn beef, duck, venison  etc. 

It is a summer-like lineup!

[Detailed contents, application method and his fax (special form)]

Please see here (Santetsuya online shop). 

2021/06/01  From today, "Genuine leather bookmark of station" will be released  [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

    Iwate Galaxy Railway Co., Ltd. will release "Genuine Leather Bookmark of Station" as a new product of original goods. These are genuine leather bookmarks that can be used for a long time while enjoying aging. The bookmarks are engraved in silhouette so that the characteristics of each station stand out, with the desire to make the stations, which are places where many people's memories gather, feel closer to us on a daily basis.

【Product Summary】 

These are genuine leather bookmarks engraved with the silhouette of each station on the Iwate Ginga Railway Line

[Size] Approximately 120mm (excluding string) x Approximately 20mm

[Thickness] Approximately 1.5 mm

[Material] Cowhide (domestic genuine leather)

[Manufacturing] Leather Craft Studio "4358 aging & anti-aging"

【Release price】

All 17 types 720 yen each (tax included)

【Release date】

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

 Please see here for details.  

2021/05/25 Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support Poetry Collection Kagirohi <Reading and Song Afternoon> Appreciation Party  [Sanriku Railway]

     We will inform you that a reading session will be held on June 19, 2021 (Saturday) to commemorate the publication of the poet Kitakado Sho's poetry collection "Kagirohi". 

     Actress Non, actor Tetsu Watanabe, who appeared in NHK's morning serial TV novel "Ama-chan", and opera singers will deliver readings and songs to everyone by LIVE distribution. The LIVE will be held online by connecting "Ikeshibu Studio" at the Tokyo venue and "Seiki no Ichishu Brewery / Sake Brewing Restaurant" at the Iwate satellite venue.  

     Part of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Sanriku Railway as part of reconstruction support.

Please see here for details. 

2021/05/06  Premium Lunch Train service started!  [Sanriku Railway]

    Sanriku Railway will operate a Premium Lunch Train on Saturdays and holidays from May 8th (Sat) to June 27th (Sun) according to the period of Tohoku DC. This train is a two-hour one-way trip from Miyako to Kuji, where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Sanriku coast from the train window while eating a lunch box limited to this train. For this Premium Lunch Train, we have two types of "Miyako specialty! Special bottle don" and "Full of seafood! Specially made Sanriku sushi".

    In addition, it is possible to transfer from the "Sanriku Train Miyako" operating on the JR Yamada Line and to the "TOHOKU EMOTION" operating on the JR Hachinohe Line.

 Reservations must be made by 1:00 pm, two days before the boarding date. Why don't you take this opportunity to use the Sanriku Railway.

   For details, please see the Sanriku Railway website.

   For reservations and inquiries, please contact Sanriku Railway Co., Ltd. Passenger Sales Department 0193-62-7000. 

2021/04/27 Sanriku Railway Station-1  Gourmet Trip has begun! [Sanriku Railway]

     For those who live in Iwate Prefecture, Sanriku Tourist has started a special plan "Sanriku Railway Station-1 Gourmet Trip" that includes a round-trip ticket for the Sanriku Railway and a meal ticket for the specitic stores You can enjoy the specialty dishes (equivalent to 2,000 yen) of restaurants along the Sanriku Railway. The specific stores are 24 stores in total. In addition, it is a target goods of the "Iwate Travel Support Project", and all courses come with an "Iwate Travel Support Coupon (shopping ticket for 2,000 yen)".

 The company also offers "Travel along the Sanriku Railway" and "Pack for one person along the Sanriku Railway" as products targeted for the "Iwate Travel Support Project".

 For details, see the Sanriku Railway website

● "Sanriku Railway Station-1 Gourmet Trip"


● "Travel along Sanriku" "Pack for one person along Sanriku"     


Please check at. 

2021/04/22   Piano appears at IGR Sugo Station   [ Iwate Galaxy Railway]

     The Iwate Galaxy Railway was donated the piano by Morioka University's Kuriyagawa Kindergarten and installed at Sugo Station. IGR said "We hope that everyone will continue to use it with great care for a long time."


[About the memorable piano]

     Kuriyagawa Kindergarten opened as a kindergarten attached to Seikatsu Gakuen Junior College in 1968 , but this time the kindergarden building will be rebuilt. When a former parent IGR employee visited to say goodbye to the kindergarten, he was consulted for the transfer and decided to install it at Sugo Station, which is relatively close to the kindergarten and has a large waiting room.

     Since its installation in 1983, it is the piano full of memories that has welcomed many children in the kindergarten hall, provided fun music and memories, and sent them to elementary school.