2021/06/09 IGR will release hors d'oeuvres for Father's Day [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

    IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway Co., Ltd. will release "Father's Day Hors d'oeuvre" using plenty of ingredients from Iwate Prefecture at the restaurant "Bistoro Galaxy" in the south exit of Aoyama Station. 


 1. Sale date June 18th (Friday), 19th (Saturday), 20th (Sunday) 11: 30-17: 30

    * Limited to 15 pieces each day

    * Reservation required

    * From 14:00 to 17:00 on the 18th (Friday) and 19th (Saturday)

    You can also pick it up at Galaxy Dining Heno Heno - への への - (on the 2nd floor of Cassiopeia Messe, which is adjacent to Ninohe Station). Please let us know where you will pick it up when you make a reservation. 

2. Menu

・ Abedori deep-fried chicken wings curry flavor from Iwate prefecture

・ Abedori homemade liver mousse from Iwate prefecture

・ 10 items such as quiche of local vegetables along the Iwate Galaxy Railway

3. Fee

     2,400 yen (tax included) for 2 people

     4,800 yen (tax included) for 4 people

  * You can use Iwate GoToEat, Iwate Travel Support Coupon, and Morio Ale(モリ 


 4. Reservation method

 By June 15th (Tuesday), please let us know your name, telephone number, date and time of receipt, location, and desired quantity from any of the telephone, fax, or homepage.

 ○ For details, please see here





2021/06/02 "Santetsu Summer Gifts" are now on sale!   [Sanriku Railway]

 Sanriku Railway sells gems that represent the railway lines as "gifts" to everyone nationwide. This summer, sales began on June 1st (Tuesday) with the theme of "The blessings of Sanriku and the energy of Sanriku to you."  This time, we are preparing a lot of new products selected by the employees themselves.


[Sales period] From June 1st, 2021 (Tuesday) to August 22nd, 2021 (Sunday)

* Limited to the Santetsutsuya online shop, we are offering an early discount campaign from June 1st to June 20th. 

[Products for sale] They have lined up 43 items such as special products of municipalities along the Sanriku Railway so that you can be used as gifts and souvenirs.

・ Seafood such as Bin Don, abalone, and sea urchin

・ Sweets such as ice cream and gelato

・ Beverages such as local sake, wine, and juice

・ Shorthorn beef, duck, venison  etc. 

It is a summer-like lineup!

[Detailed contents, application method and his fax (special form)]

Please see here (Santetsuya online shop). 

2021/06/01  From today, "Genuine leather bookmark of station" will be released  [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

    Iwate Galaxy Railway Co., Ltd. will release "Genuine Leather Bookmark of Station" as a new product of original goods. These are genuine leather bookmarks that can be used for a long time while enjoying aging. The bookmarks are engraved in silhouette so that the characteristics of each station stand out, with the desire to make the stations, which are places where many people's memories gather, feel closer to us on a daily basis.

【Product Summary】 

These are genuine leather bookmarks engraved with the silhouette of each station on the Iwate Ginga Railway Line

[Size] Approximately 120mm (excluding string) x Approximately 20mm

[Thickness] Approximately 1.5 mm

[Material] Cowhide (domestic genuine leather)

[Manufacturing] Leather Craft Studio "4358 aging & anti-aging"

【Release price】

All 17 types 720 yen each (tax included)

【Release date】

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

 Please see here for details.  

2021/05/25 Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support Poetry Collection Kagirohi <Reading and Song Afternoon> Appreciation Party  [Sanriku Railway]

     We will inform you that a reading session will be held on June 19, 2021 (Saturday) to commemorate the publication of the poet Kitakado Sho's poetry collection "Kagirohi". 

     Actress Non, actor Tetsu Watanabe, who appeared in NHK's morning serial TV novel "Ama-chan", and opera singers will deliver readings and songs to everyone by LIVE distribution. The LIVE will be held online by connecting "Ikeshibu Studio" at the Tokyo venue and "Seiki no Ichishu Brewery / Sake Brewing Restaurant" at the Iwate satellite venue.  

     Part of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Sanriku Railway as part of reconstruction support.

Please see here for details. 

2021/05/06  Premium lunch train service started!  [Sanriku Railway]

    Sanriku Railway will operate a premium lunch train on Saturdays and holidays from May 8th (Sat) to June 27th (Sun) according to the period of Tohoku DC. This train is a two-hour one-way trip from Miyako to Kuji, where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Sanriku coast from the train window while eating a lunch box limited to this train. For this premium lunch train, we have two types of "Miyako specialty! Special bottle don" and "Full of seafood! Specially made Sanriku sushi".

    In addition, it is possible to transfer from the "Sanriku Train Miyako" operating on the JR Yamada Line and to the "TOHOKU EMOTION" operating on the JR Hachinohe Line.

 Reservations must be made by 1:00 pm, two days before the boarding date. Why don't you take this opportunity to use the Sanriku Railway.

   For details, please see the Sanriku Railway website.

   For reservations and inquiries, please contact Sanriku Railway Co., Ltd. Passenger Sales Department 0193-62-7000. 

2021/04/27 Sanriku Railway Station-1  Gourmet Trip has begun! [Sanriku Railway]

     For those who live in Iwate Prefecture, Sanriku Tourist has started a special plan "Sanriku Railway Station-1 Gourmet Trip" that includes a round-trip ticket for the Sanriku Railway and a meal ticket for the specitic stores You can enjoy the specialty dishes (equivalent to 2,000 yen) of restaurants along the Sanriku Railway. The specific stores are 24 stores in total. In addition, it is a target goods of the "Iwate Travel Support Project", and all courses come with an "Iwate Travel Support Coupon (shopping ticket for 2,000 yen)".

 The company also offers "Travel along the Sanriku Railway" and "Pack for one person along the Sanriku Railway" as products targeted for the "Iwate Travel Support Project".

 For details, see the Sanriku Railway website

● "Sanriku Railway Station-1 Gourmet Trip"


● "Travel along Sanriku" "Pack for one person along Sanriku"     


Please check at. 

2021/04/22   Piano appears at IGR Sugo Station   [ Iwate Galaxy Railway]

     The Iwate Galaxy Railway was donated the piano by Morioka University's Kuriyagawa Kindergarten and installed at Sugo Station. IGR said "We hope that everyone will continue to use it with great care for a long time."


[About the memorable piano]

     Kuriyagawa Kindergarten opened as a kindergarten attached to Seikatsu Gakuen Junior College in 1968 , but this time the kindergarden building will be rebuilt. When a former parent IGR employee visited to say goodbye to the kindergarten, he was consulted for the transfer and decided to install it at Sugo Station, which is relatively close to the kindergarten and has a large waiting room.

     Since its installation in 1983, it is the piano full of memories that has welcomed many children in the kindergarten hall, provided fun music and memories, and sent them to elementary school. 

2021/04/08   Galaxy Dining "へのへの" will open soon! [ Iwate Galaxy Railway]

     Iwate Galaxy Railway will open restaurants on the 2nd floor (currently Restaurant Totoro) of Cassiopeia Messe, which is adjacent to Ninohe Station.

    Based on the concept of "ENSEN connecting dining" that energizes areas along the railway lines through food, the company wants to make it a base for enlivening the railway lines in collaboration with related people.

    [Store name] Galaxy Dining  "へのへの”

    [Open] 11:00 on April 16th (Friday), 3rd year of Reiwa

    [Place] Cassiopeia Messe Nanyato 2F (currently Restaurant Totoro)

              68 Moriai, Ishikiridokoro, Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture

    [Business Hours] 11: 00-21: 00 (~ 17: 00 during April) 

    No regular holiday

 For more information, please contact Iwate Galaxy Railway Website

2021/04/06 IGR × Takizawa City  Wrapping vehicle debut! !!  [ Iwate Galaxy Railway]

    The Iwate Galaxy Railway cooperates with Takizawa City to fully wrap one train and two cars, and from March 23 (Tuesday), it operates as "Takizawa City x IGR Wrapping Vehicle" in the regular schedule. The wrapping vehicle is a lively vehicle with illustrations centered around Takizawa City character "Chagupon", IGR image character "Ginga-kun, and Kirari-chan".


     In addition, along with this full-scale wrapping, They released a commemorative admission ticket set and installed a station name sign at Sugo Station.

     For details, please check the Iwate Galaxy Railway website.