Introduction of the association

New Year Greetings

Happy New Year.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your special cordialty during the last year.


The last year has become the second year of COVID-19.

After October, there were double-digit days for newly infected people nationwide, and there was a time when it seemed that the COVID-19 was had subsided. But at the end of the year, a community-acquired infection of the Omicron strain occurred, and there is concern that the infection will spread. 


Last year, many local governments nationwide developed measures to restore the exchange population in the prefecture, such as the so-called "県民割(Discounts for citizens of the prefecture)" , and some accommodation facilities were fully booked. The recovery of customers was also seen.


However, the number of passenger railroad members of our association is less than 80% compared to 2019 before the pandemic of the COVD-19, and the cargo handling volume of freight railroad members is in the middle of 80%. The difficult situation continues. 


Under these circumstances, last year we resumed the subcommittee activities of the Transport and Technical Committee, which had been inactive for a long time after the Great East Japan Earthquake.


The Sales Subcommittee was held on the Web in September and the Driving Subcommittee was also held in November, and the attendees enthusiastically discussed future efforts. 

And the Sales Subcommittee has begun efforts to compile and disseminate information on event trains for passenger railway members.The driving subcommittee conducted "training for coach drivers" too.


Starting with the civil engineering subcommittee scheduled to be held in January this year, we will hold the electricity, vehicle subcommittee and the railway technology and safety advisor's meeting, and We would like to contribute to the improvement and succession of the technical capabilities of our members by sharing technology and know-how.



In any case, this year we will continue to strive to prevent infection so that the domestic infection of Omicron strains will be minimized and the end of the COVID-19 will be realized. At the same time, we would like to put even more effort into implementing initiatives that look at the post COVID-19.


As the end of this greeting, I pray that this year will be a bright year for all of you, and I would like to ask for your further support and cooperation for the Tohoku Railway Association and the Tohoku Regional Railways. 


      January 1, 2022

      The Tohoku Railway Association

      Chairperson   Choniro Sawada 



Association name  The Tohoku Railway Association
Location 1-2-1, Haranomachi, Miyagino-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture      

Survey and research on railway business management

Cooperation on common interests

Sharing of technical capabilities among members

Petitions to government offices

Distribution of business management materials

Fellowship and exchange of opinions among members

TEL +81-22-291-9787 
Date of establishmen  September 28, 1947
Member  TSUGARU RAILWAY Co.,Ltd./KONAN RAILWAY CO., LTD./Seikan Tunnel Museum/AOIMORI RAILWAY Co.,Ltd./Hachinohe Rinkai Railway Company/Sanriku Railway Co.,Ltd./Iwate Galaxy Railway Co., Ltd./IWATE DEVELOPMENT RAILWAY/Transportation Bureau City of Sendai/Sendai Airport Transit Co.,Ltd./Sendai Rinkai Railway Co.,Ltd./Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo/YURI KOGEN RAILWAY/Yamagata Railway Co.,Ltd./Abukuma kyuko Co.,Ltd./Fukushima Transportation. Inc./Aizu Railway Co., Ltd./Fukushima Rinkai Railway/South Hokkaido Railway       All 19members

Purpose of establishment

In order to achieve the railway business mission, sound development of the business, promotion of common interests, and friendship between members.

Current system


President of Tsugaru Railway Co.,Lid.

Sawada Chojiro


President of Aizu Railway Co., Ltd.

Shigetoshi Suzuki

President of Iwate Development Railway Co., Ltd.

Shinichi Okada

managing director 

The Tohoku Railway Association Secretary director

Koya Takahashi


President of Sendai Rinkai Railway Co., Ltd.

Shinji Tanno

Senior Managing Director of Yamagata Railway Co., Ltd.

Sakae Oshikiri

Organization chart