The Tohoku Railway Association

The local railway that connects our bonds

~ Tohoku region / Hokkaido ~

The Tohoku Railway Association was established on September 28, 1947 for the purpose of developing the railway business of its members and promoting common interests. Currently, 19 of our member companies are working on the sound development of our business, the promotion of common interests, and the friendship between members in order to achieve the railway business mission. 

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"A special trains will operate on the day of the Tohoku Kizuna Festival 2023 Aomori!(Iwate Galaxy Railway)” added to "Recommendation" page.


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Articles of "Momo-Tetsuin(桃鉄印)/Momo-Tetsuin-Cho(桃鉄印帳)", "IGR Galaxy Fan Club", and "Special train on the day of official professional baseball games" added to "Tetsutabi-Info" page.


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Activity report of the Tohoku Railway Association for the 2021 fiscal year

     2021 fiscal year was the second year under Covid-19. Many of the Tohoku Railway Association's activities have been canceled from the perspective of preventing the spread of Covid-19. Here, we have posted the efforts implemented by the ingenuity of the members even under such circumstances.

Activity report of the Tohoku Railway Association for the 2021 fiscal year
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