The Tohoku Railway Association

The local railway that connects our bonds

~ Tohoku region / Hokkaido ~

The Tohoku Railway Association was established on September 28, 1947 for the purpose of developing the railway business of its members and promoting common interests. Currently, 19 of our member companies are working on the sound development of our business, the promotion of common interests, and the friendship between members in order to achieve the railway business mission. 

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2024/03/13  Information on the Iwate Galaxy Railway has been added to the "Recommendations" page.


The special ticket information on "Recommendations" page has been updated.


We have posted New Year's greetings from Chojiro Sawada, Chairman of the Tohoku Railway Association, in the "Notice to Everyone" section of this page and "Introduction ot the association" page.


"Elementary school student 100 yen ticket" will be released! [Iwate Galaxy Railway]" has been posted on the "Tetsutabi- Info" page.


"The entire Konan Railway Owani Line will resume operation from December 8th!'' has been posted on the "Notice to everyone" sectoin.