2023/04/20  Cycle train & Rent-a-bicycle Information [The Tohoku Railway Association]

  It’s a fun season to go out on a bike. Therefore, here we will post information on cycle trains run by railway companies that are members of the Tohoku Railway Association and rental bicycles around stations.

  Note: Some of the linked websites do not support English.  

【Cycle train Infomairion】

[Aomori] Tsugaru Railway : Bring in as personal belongings Possible charge 280 yen throughout the year 

                           Contact: Tsugaru Railway Co., Ltd. Transportation Division 0173-34-2148

[Aomori] Konan Railway

[Akita] Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo

[Akita] Yri Kogen Railway

[Iwate] Sanriku Railway : You can bring it in for a fee.  Year-round

                                            Contact: Sanriku Railway Co., Ltd. Passenger Sales Department 0193-62-7000

[Miyagi / Fukushima] Abukuma Kyuko

[Fukushima] Fukushima Transportation Iizaka Line

[Fukushima] Aizu Railway

【Rent-a-bicycle Information around stations】

[Aomori] Tsugaru Railway : Rental Bicycle rental station

[Aomori] Aoimori Railway (AsamushiOnsen Station)

[Akita] Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo (Aniai Station / Yonaizawa Station / Aikawa Station) [Iwate] Sanriku Railway (Kuji Station / Miyako Station * [Contact] Miyako station square    general sightseeing Information center 0193-62-3534 / Rikuchu-Noda Station *    [Inquiries] Nodamura Co., Ltd. 0194-78-2106)

[Iwate] Iwate Galaxy Railway (Kuriyagawa Station / Takizawa Station / Shibutami Station /    Koma Station / Ninohe Station / KintaichiOnsen Station)  

[Yamagata] Yamagata Railway (Nagai Station / Akayu Station / Arato Station)

[Miyagi] Sendai City (Transportation Bureau City of Sendai) (Sendai Station / International Center Station / Itsutsubashi Station / Aoba DoriIchibancho Station / Nagamachi Station / Nagamachi-Minami Station * The displayed map shows rental bicycles throughout Sendai city. )

[Miyagi / Fukushima] Abukuma Express (Fukushima Station / Kakuda Station)

[Fukushima] Fukushima Transportation Iizaka Line (Iizaka Onsen Station) 

[Hokkaido] South Hokkaido Railway (OshimaTobetsu Station)