Welcome to the "Tetsutabi-Info" page!  "Tetsutabi" means traveling by railway.

This page contains articles related to "Tetsutabi" sent by members of the Tohoku Railway Association. 


2023/12/08 "Elementary school student 100 yen ticket" will be released! [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

  Iwate Galaxy Railway will be selling discount tickets for elementary school students only, allowing them to travel on the Iwate Galaxy Railway Line for 100 yen each way.

  This ticket is a project carried out in conjunction with the Iwate Galaxy Railway Usage Promotion Council, which is organized by Iwate Prefecture and municipalities along the railway, to encourage elementary school students to use the railway and increase outings along the railway.

  Why not try to use it for an outing during winter vacation?


1. Release/use period  December 23, 2023 (Saturday) - January 31, 2024 (Wednesday)

2. Usage section     Desired section from Morioka to Me time

3. Validity period                 Only on the day of boarding

                                               *Purchase can be made before the boarding date during the sales period.

4. Sales amount                   Elementary school students (children) 100 yen one way

                                               *Free for up to 2 accompanying infants, 100 yen for each additional child

5. Release location       Iwate Galaxy Railway each station counter (excluding Kotsunagi Station and Tomai Station)

For more information, please check the Iwate Galaxy Railway official website.

2023/05/29 Momotaro Dentetsu Collaboration Tetsuin "Momo Tetsuin" is now on sale! [South Hokkaido Railway]

  “Tetsuin” and “Tetsuincho” will be released for a limited time in collaboration with the popular game “Momotaro Dentetsu ~ Showa, Heisei, Reiwa mo Teiban!~” (publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment).


・ Release period: Until March 31, 2024 (Sun)

・[Momotetsu Stamp Book Fee] 300 yen/[Momotetsu Stamp Book] 2,200 yen

・[Sales and registration reception desk] Head office window, Goryokaku Station store, Michi-no-Eki Misogi-

 no-Sato Kikonai


*Please show the Tetsuincho and a train ticket for the Donan Isaribi Railway Line that is valid for the day.


For details, please visit here.

2023/04/25 Hand-made carp streamers will be distributed on Children's Day! [Iwate Galaxy Railway] 

   Iwate Galaxy Railway will distribute handmade carp streamers to customers at Morioka Station on May 5 (Friday, national holiday).It will be implemented from 2019.


1. Date: May 5, 2023 (Friday, National Holiday)

2. Venue: Iwate Galaxy Railway Morioka Station near the ticket gate

3. Schedule Time Contents:

・Distributed to passengers getting off at 9:58 on the inbound train 4522M (arriving at Morioka Station at 9:58)

・10:00-10:13 Take a commemorative photo in front of the outbound train 4527M (departs Morioka Station at 10:13)

・Distributed to customers getting off at 10:25 inbound train 3718M (arrives at Morioka Station at 10:25)

・ Scheduled to end at 11:00

4. Project outline

         At Iwate Galaxy Railway, from 2011 to 2019, when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, local medical attendants played a central role in distributing hand-made carp streamers to customers on Children's Day. However, due to the impact of Covid-19, we did not carry out distribution from 2020 to 2022.

         We will do it this year. Children wearing IGR sales uniforms and the attendants work together to distribute carp streamers to customers. 


[Contact] Iwate Galaxy Railway Co., Ltd. Planning Department Public Relations Planning Group TEL 019-601-9981

2023/04/19  From today, you can use unmanned dry cleaning and laundry services "LAGOO" at Aoyama Station!                                                                                                                                             [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

          Iwate Galaxy Railway will install a smart dry cleaning and laundry services "LAGOO" developed by Howaito Kyubin Iwate((有)ホワイト急便イワテ)at the Aoyama South Exit of Aoyama Station. It will be the first installation at a railway station in the Tohoku region of Japan.

[Start date of use]

April 19, 2023 (Wednesday)

[Installation location]

IGR Aoyama Station Aoyama South Exit

■ About the smart laundry service “LAGOO”

     This is a new laundry service that allows you to smoothly perform everything from laundry service reception to payment and receipt with a single smartphone without waiting.

※For details, please see here (Iwate Galaxy Railway official website).

2023/04/18   "Momo-Tetsuin(桃鉄印)/Momo-Tetsuin-Cho(桃鉄印帳)", "IGR Galaxy Fan Club", and "Special train on the day of official professional baseball games" [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

★ Release of ”Momo-Tetsuin(桃鉄印)/Momo-Tetsuin-Cho(桃鉄印帳)”

      Iwate Galaxy Railway will release  ”Momo-Tetsuin(桃鉄印)/Momo-Tetsuin-Cho(桃鉄印帳)” for a limited time in collaboration with the popular game "Momo-taro Dentetsu(桃太郎電鉄) ~A classic in Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa!~".


・Release period:

 Saturday, April 22, 2023 to Sunday, March 31, 2024

・ Fee, reception place, etc. 

 [Steel stamp book fee] 300 yen/[Steel stamp book] 2,200 yen

 [Sales and bookkeeping reception location] Aoyama Station  Aoyama South Exit

[Reception hours] 7:00 to 19:00 (excluding 11:00 to 12:00)

 *Please show the Tetsu-in-cho and the Iwate Galaxy Railway ticket valid for the day.

    *For details, please contact Iwate Galaxy Railway Co., Ltd. Planning Department Regional Collaboration Group TEL 019-601-9992.

★IGR galaxy Fan Club   2023 Membership Recruitment!

          It is this fan club to spread the charm of Iwate through IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway and to enjoy Iwate to the fullest. Various benefits are available for members who love Iwate.

【 Membership Validity Period / Recruitment Period】

 ・Membership validity period: 1 year from Saturday, April 1, 2023 to Sunday, March 31, 2024

 ・Application period: until September 29, 2023 (Friday)

*For details on membership fees and benefits, please click here.

★Driving a special train on the day of a professional baseball official game!

    Iwate Galaxy Railway will operate a special train in conjunction with the official professional baseball game that will be held on May 16th (Tuesday) at the Kitagin Ballpark (Morioka Minami Park, Nagai, Morioka City).

*Check here for more information.

2023/1/24 10 new drivers were born in the Tohoku Railway Association member company!

On Monday, January 23, a driver's license issuance ceremony was held at the Tohoku District Transport Bureau for those who passed the 1st power vehicle operator test in 2022.

[Persons eligible for issuance]

★A class electric Train

1person from Abukuma Express Co., Ltd.

1person from Konan Railway Co., Ltd. 

2people from Fukushima Transportation. Inc.

★A class internal combustion Train

1person from Yuri Kogen Railway Co., Ltd. 

1preson from Hachinohe Rinkai Railway Co., Ltd. 

1person from Sanriku Railway Co., Ltd.  

1person from Iwate Development Railway Co., Ltd. 

2people from Aizu Railway Co., Ltd. 

At the ceremony, the driver's license was first issued by Yuki Tanaka, Director of the Tohoku District Transportation Bureau, and words of encouragement were given. In response, Mr. Kosuke Sato of Yuri Kogen Railway Co., Ltd. read out the "words of oath" on behalf of the people.

2022/12/22 "Elementary school student 100 yen ticket" and "Senior round trip half price ticket" will be released from December 24th! ! [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

      Iwate Galaxy Railway will release two types of discount tickets during the winter vacation.

     This ticket, together with the "Iwate Galaxy Railway Usage Promotion Council" organized by Iwate Prefecture and municipalities along the railway line, is a project to stimulate the use of the railway, which has been sluggish due to the influence of the Covid-19 infection, and to promote outings along the railway line.

      How about using it when you go out during the winter vacation?

     For inquiries, please contact IGR Information (019-626-9151).

2022/11/18 Don't miss the "20th anniversary project"! [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

  Iwate Galaxy Railway, which opened in 2002, will celebrate its 20th anniversary on December 1st of this year.

  Therefore, Iwate Galaxy Railway will carry out the following 20th anniversary commemorative project with gratitude to everyone.

  The company also plans to carry out various initiatives as part of its 20th anniversary year.


<Projects commemorating the 20th anniversary of the opening>

1. We will distribute "20th anniversary sticker"!

2. "Ginga-kun and Kirari-chan One Day Morioka Station Manager Appointment Ceremony" will be held!

3. We will renew the station name sign!

4. Commemorative goods will be on sale!

5. Commemorative head mark notice train operates!

6. "Thank you from employees" Appreciation posters will be posted!

7. Morioka Station We will carry out a wall makeover!

8. Mail-order site "Ginkira Shop" will be renewed!

9. IGR holiday free ticket half price campaign will be held!


Iwate Galaxy Railway Co., Ltd.

General Affairs Department General Affairs Group (Public Relations)

TEL 019-601-9981  FAX 019-601-9997  URL https://igr.jp/

2022/11/18 "The 12th Train Attendant Skill Up Training" will be held from November 29th to 30th!

  Aiming to provide hospitality that creates excitement in the Covid-19 era, we will hold train attendant skill up training by member companies of the Tohoku Railway Association.

  This training will be held for the 12th time this year, and it will be held on a rotating basis by each member company (it was canceled the year before last, and was held remotely last year). And this time, with Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway, which was hit by the heavy rain disaster, as the managing company, it will be held at the main venue of "Akita Art Village Onsen Yupopo(あきた芸術村 温泉ゆぽぽ)" in Senboku City.

  In an era where environments different from the past have become the norm, we will report on the current situation and exchange opinions on how hospitality that creates excitement can be done. In addition, we invite two lecturers from outside to learn about future customer service.


1 Organize : Tohoku Railway Association

2 Date and time : November 29, 2020 (Tuesday) 14:00-18:00

          Wednesday, November 30, 2020 9:10-11:25

3 Location : Akita Art Village Onsen Yupopo 

                      430 Waseda Waseda, Tazawako, Semboku City

      TEL 0187-44-3333

4 Participating :

    South Hokkaido Railway, Aoimori Railway, Sanriku Railway, Iwate Galaxy Railway, Yuri Kogen Railway, Yamagata  Railway, Aizu Railwayand Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway(12 people from 8 companies )

5 Lecture: Ms. Ayako Morikawa (Representative of Office アイム - Representative)

                  Tomiko Kato (Akita Art Village)

9th Train Attendant Skill Up Training (in Hakodate)

9th Train Attendant Skill Up Training (in Goshogawara)

2022/08/10 Poster completed with the cooperation of high school students [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

  The Iwate Galaxy Railway created a "railroad usage promotion poster" with the cooperation of the Iwate Prefectural Numakunai High School Student Council. From today (August 10th) until the end of March next year, it will be posted at IGR stations and trains, as well as at facilities in Iwate-cho.

2022/06/23 "20th Anniversary Joint Project" will be held! [Aoimori Railway, Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Aoimori Railway and Iwate Galaxy Railway will celebrate their 20th anniversary on December 1, this year. To commemorate this, they will jointly carry out plans such as the operation of temporary direct trains and the sale of advantageous tickets.


1.Operation of a direct train between Aomori and Morioka

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the opening of both companies and the start of mutual direct operation, the normal direct operation section (between Hachinohe and Morioka) will be expanded between Aomori and Hachinohe and Morioka, and high-speed trains will operate during the three consecutive holidays in July and September. The number of trains in operation will be 18.

Rapid "Aomori / Morioka Liner"

■ Transfer date: July 16th (Sat), 17th (Sun), 18th (Mon)  September 17th (Sat), 18th (Sun), 19th (Mon)  September 23rd (Friday), 24th (Saturday), 25th (Sunday) 


2. Sale of advantageous tickets-Supports cashless rides-

They will release a special ticket that connects Aomori and Morioka so that they can rediscover the charm of both railways through the train journey of the Aomori Railway Line and the Iwate Galaxy Railway Line, which has a total length of 203.9 km.

In addition, in order to improve passenger convenience and reduce physical contact opportunities, they will set up one-way type and free pass type tickets, and will also sell digital tickets using smartphone apps. This will enable cashless rides on the rapid "Aomori / Morioka Liner".


3. About future development

In addition, the two companies are planning to enliven the 20th anniversary of their opening through various projects such as considering the release of advantageous tickets and commemorative goods between Hachinohe and Morioka. Details will be announced as soon as they are decided, so we will post them on the Tohoku Railway Association website as well.


For more information, please visit Aoimori Railway (official website) or Iwate Galaxy Railway (official website).

2022/06/10 The 39th special exhibition "A gentle railroad expedition that goes around in a big circle" will be held! [TOHOKU FUKUHI UNIVERSITY /The  Railway Interaction Station(東北福祉大学・鉄道交流ステーション)]

The TOHOKU FUKUHI UNIVERSITY /The  Railway Interaction Station(東北福祉大学・鉄道交流ステーション)has postponed the long-standing exhibition for two years due to the epidemic of Covid-19.


However, he decided to change the venue from the station campus exhibition room to the Sendai station east exit campus/TFU Gallery Minimori, and hold the following special exhibitions.


For more information, please see here (TOHOKU FUKUHI UNIVERSITY /The  Railway Interaction Station website).


◆The 39th Special Exhibition "A gentle railroad expedition that goes around in a big circle"

■Simultaneous holding "West Park C601 Mini Mori Exhibition"

2022/06/09 "Familiar train",Fukushima Transportation Izaka Line official support song, 2022 version MV released    [Fukushima Transportation]

MANAMI, a singer-songwriter from Fukushima City, released the 2022 version of the official support song "Familiar train" on June 2 in an attempt to support the Iizaka Line, which is suffering from a decrease in income due to Covid-19 infection. 


"Familiar train" is an original song that describes the everyday scenery of the Iizaka Line, which MANAMI has been familiar with since she was a student.


The MV of the previous work was shot in 2015, and since the vehicle changed after that, the song was newly arranged and the chartered train was chartered and shot in May this year.


MANAMI said, "It was a happy time to be able to shoot on the Iizaka line after a long time and sing a lot again.The video that you want to see many times has been completed. And I hope you can continue to use the Iizaka Line a lot! "


Please watch the MV released on June 2nd, which is also MANAMI's birthday, from the following URL.


2022/06/06 Aoyama ★ Flea market will be held![Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway will hold an event "Aoyama ★ Flea Market" at  "Bisutoro Galaxy" in the south exit of Aoyama Station, with the aim of collaborating with the local community and creating a lively atmosphere.This time, as the first step, we plan to have content that parents and children can enjoy with the theme of "for kids".In addition, we are looking for flea market shoppers and IGR ride experience participants to attend the event.

◆ About "Aoyama Flea Market"

Opening date: ① June 18th (Sat) ② July 9th (Sat)

Holding time: 10: 00-15: 00

Place :Aoyama Station Aoyama South Exit "Bistoro Galaxy"

   [Inside the "Bistro Galaxy" at the venue]     


Contents of the event

・ 6 flea markets (planned)

・ A small market for things left behind on the railroad

・ IGR ride experience event for parents and children (advance reservation required)

・ Bisutoro Galaxy Takeout Bento

・ Sale of drinks, etc.

For details, please see here (Iwate Galaxy Railway official website).

2022/05/13 Soneda Station was reopened on April 29th    [Fukushima Transportation Iizaka Line]

Fukushima Transportation Iizaka Line Soneda Station was reopened on April 29th (Showa Day).


The station building was restored to its original appearance in 1942, and a slope was installed from the station building to the platform to make it barrier-free.

In addition, the "Fushimi Coffee Shop(伏見珈琲店)" was relocated from the front of Fukushima Station to the station building and pre-opened, and the "Resting Place Nanasen(お休み処ナナセン)" was installed on the siding of the station premises, which was a renovation of the old vehicle 7000 series.At the same time, a "Train Open Space(電車ひろば)" that can be used for events has been established.


Why don't you visit the new "Soneda Station", which has the function of a gathering place in addition to the station function.

*There is no parking lot at Soneda Station, but on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, you can use the city circulation Momorin bus from the park-and-ride parking lot on the west side of Fukushima City Hall. Soneda Station is a 3-minute walk from Soneda Bus Stop or MAX Fukushima Bus Stop.

For details, please check here (Fukushima Transportation Izaka Line official website).

2022/04/22 Great value!  Released "IGR Accommodation Pack 2 Days" [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway will release a great deal "IGR Accommodation Pack 2 Days" at Galaxy Railway Tourism.The ticket is a set of IGR free boarding ticket (2 days), hotel Okunakayama Kogen accommodation (1 night with 2 meals), and "Okunakayama Kogen Nigiwai City" fun ticket.


☆ Departure date

[April] 29 (Fri), 30 (Sat)

[May] 1 (Friday) to 5 (Wednesday), 13 (Friday) to 15 (Sunday), 20 (Friday) to 22 (Sunday),

           27(Friday) to 29 (Sunday)

[June] 3 (Friday) to 5 (Sunday), 10 (Friday) to 12 (Sunday), 17 (Friday) to 19 (Sunday),

            24 (Friday) to 26 (Sunday)        

                                                                             * 2 consecutive days (no extended stay)


Please see here (Iwate Galaxy Railway official website) for travel prices, sales locations, application methods, etc.

2022/04/22 IGR Galaxy Fan Club 2022 Member Recruitment !! [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway is recruiting 2022 members of the IGR Galaxy Fan Club.


★ What is IGR Galaxy Fan Club?

 It was established in April 2017 as a fan club to convey the charm of Iwate through the Iwate  Galaxy Railway and to fully enjoy Iwate. The club also offers a variety of benefits for members  who love Iwate.


For details on how to apply and details, please see here (Iwate Galaxy Railway official website).

2022/04/18 Installed vending machines depicting IGR image characters [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

At Iwate Galaxy Railway, one vending machine with IGR image characters Ginga-kun and Kirari-chan was installed in front of the ticket gate at Morioka Station.

This vending machine was introduced by Suntory Beverage Solution Co., Ltd.

Iwate Galaxy Railway says, "We hope that all users will feel familiar with it."


[Installation location and date]

Place: Morioka Station (1-4-8 Morioka Ekimae-dori, Morioka City) Before the ticket gate

Installation date: March 28, 2022 (Monday)


[IGR image character wrapping vending machine installation record (reference)]

・ IGR image characters Ginga-kun, Kirari-chan wrapping vending machine → In front of Morioka station ticket gate, Morioka station platform, in front of facility management office (3 units)

・ IGR x Takizawa City Collaboration Wrapping Vending Machine → Takizawa Station Waiting Room (1 unit)

2022/04/18 About the implementation of "crowdfunding"  [Tsugaru Railway]

Tsugaru Railway is implementing "crowdfunding for repairing stairs at Tsugaru Goshogawara Station" with the support of "Tsugaru Amore", which is organized by young staff from Goshogawara City and Nakadomari Town.


From its opening in 1930 to the present day, Tsugaru Railway has been nicknamed TSUTETSU(津鉄), supported by people in the area along the railway line and many railroad fans. However, the number of passengers is decreasing year by year due to the declining birthrate and aging population along the railway lines and the diversification of transportation methods. In addition, due to the prolonged impact of COVID-19, the number of tourists from both Japan and abroad has dropped sharply, forcing a more difficult business situation.


Under these circumstances, the stairs leading to the platform reached the limit due to aging, and they had to be repaired in 2022 fiscal year.

Therefore, through this crowdfunding, we will raise funds for "repairing stairs" as a safety measure and "introducing an electric stair lift" as an improvement in convenience for people with disabilities.


Target amount: 9.42 million yen

Application period: From March 22, 2022 (Tuesday) to May 13, 2022 (Friday) 23:00


The official Tsugaru Railway website related to this article is here.

2022/03/18 Railroad socks "Tetsushita(鉄下) Nagarare" are on sale![South Hokkaido Railwa]

South Hokkaido Railway Company wants you to feel closer to the South Hokkaido Railway Company by making it easy to use, so with the cooperation of Risseisha Co., Ltd., from March 18th, the railway socks "Tetsushita Nagamare ” has begun to be released. 


For details, please see here (South Hokkaido Railway Official Website)

2022/03/18 IGR PR video (15 seconds / 30 seconds version) released! [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway has released 15-second and 30-second versions of the PR video released on January 24 (Monday) on the WEB. 


The PR video shows high school students playing musical instruments in the area along the Iwate Galaxy Railway Line, introducing spots along the line, and working on IGR.

In addition, along with the release of the PR video on the WEB, additional broadcasts will be made on TV commercials. 


This project is one of the subsidized projects of the Iwate Ginga Railway Utilization Promotion Council, and was implemented with the aim of disseminating the appeal of the IGR Iwate Ginga Railway and areas along the railway lines, raising awareness, and increasing the number of customers to the areas along the railway lines.


For PR videos and TV commercials, please see here (Iwate Galaxy Railway Official Website)

2022/03/17 Selling prize-winning works in the "Children's Tetsu-In(鉄印) Contest" [Sanriku Railway]

The photo shows the original Tetsu-In and "4 types of children's Tetsu-In"

Sanriku Railway will release "Children's Tetsu-In(鉄印)" at the Sanriku Railway Miyako Station counter.

Among the works submitted to the "Children's Tetsu-In Contest" sponsored by the Third Sector Railways Council, etc., four works that won the highest award in the lower grades of elementary school, the upper grades of elementary school, the junior high school student category, and the president's award of Sanriku Railway are printed.   

All four works are based on the motif of Sanriku Railway vehicles . 

For details, please see here (Sanriku Railway official website)

2022/03/11 NHK "Document 72 Hours" shot on the Tsugaru Railway will be broadcast![Tsugaru Railway]

The popular program NHK "Document 72 Hours", which has continued since 2013, was recorded on the Tsugaru Railway in January, when it is extremely cold, and will be broadcast on NHK General TV from 22:45 on March 18 (Friday)


"What kind of encounter will you have for three days on the train running in the blizzard of the Tsugaru Railway in the middle of winter?"


 Please watch it. 

2022/02/25  Go with JAL Furusato Cheering Squad! "Santetsu Galaxy Star Tour 2022" [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway will carry out a planned tour "Santetsu Galaxy Star Tour 2022" with the cooperation of Sanriku Railway Co., Ltd., East Japan Railway Company Morioka Branch, Japan Airlines Iwate Sales Office and Iwate Town. 


1.Project name: Santetsu Galaxy Star Tour

2. Tour outline: A vehicle of the Sanriku Railway running along the Sanriku coast gets into the Iwate Galaxy Railway line and runs with the scenery unique to Iwate inland including the foot of Mt. Iwate in the background.

3. Dates: March 19th (Sat) and 20th (Sun), 2022

4. Service section / course:

     A course (retro vehicle)

         ◎ Down (Morioka ⇒ Ninohe) "Sanriku Gozen Train" course

       ◎ Up (Ninohe ⇒ Morioka) "Sweets Train" course

     B course

       ◎ Down (Morioka ⇒ Ninohe)

       ◎ Up (Ninohe ⇒ Morioka) Ride-only course (goods sold in the car and gifts for participants)

     * For details, please see here.

5. Tour recruitment start date and time

   From 10:00 on Thursday, February 24, 2022

   Reception phone number: 019-601-9991 (weekdays 9: 30-17: 30)

    * Please apply by phone. 

2022/02/18 "漆(Lacquer)" & "縄文(Jomon)" Prefecture North wrapping vehicle debut! [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway, in cooperation with Ninohe City and Ichinohe Town, performed full-scale wrapping on two vehicles in one train. In the northern part of Iwate prefecture, Ninohe City's "lacquer scraping technology" was registered as an intangible cultural heritage in 2020, and Ichinohe Town's "Goshono Site" was registered as a world cultural heritage in 2021. It is a wrapping vehicle that imagines the two cultural heritage. 

For details such as operation information, please see here

<Side of vehicle on the east side, front of Hachinohe>

The side of the vehicle on the east side is "red", which is the image of his logo mark of Goshono Site in Ichinohe Town and the lacquer of Ninohe City. 


<Side of the vehicle on the west side, front of the direction of Morioka>

The side of the vehicle on the west side is "green", which is the image of Goshonojomon Park in Ichinohe Town and the lacquer forest in Ninohe City. 

2022/02/10 Funakoshi Elementary School, Tairyō-bata design train operation!  [Sanriku Railway]

Ten fourth graders from Funakoshi Elementary School in Yamada Town, as the "Yamada Kira-Kirar Survey Team," investigated the location, history, and charm of "Yamada Town," where they live. That's because they wanted a lot of people to know the wonderfulness of Yamada Town, increase the number of people who come to Yamada Town, and make it a lively town. 

One of the themes was "I want a lot of people to get on the Sanriku Railway and come to Yamada Town!

Then, all the 4th graders designed the delicious foods from Yamada Town in the style of the Tairyō-bata to decorate the stations and trains of the Sanriku Railway, and the Tairyō-bata full of Yamada's charm came out. 

Sanriku Railway will display the design of this Tairyō-bata on the train and operate the "Funakoshi Elementary School / Tairyō-bata Design Train" so that many people can see it. 

◆ Train operation period: February 10th (Thursday) to 18th (Friday) 


 (down) Sakari11:08 (departure) ⇒ Kamaishi 12:18 ⇒ Iwate Funakoshi 12:57 ⇒ Rikuchu Yamada 13:13

                     ⇒ Miyako 13:53 (arrival)         ⇒   Kuji 

                                        19:37(departure)     21:13(arrival)

 (Up) Kuji 5:52 (Departure) ⇒ Miyako 7:46 ⇒ Rikuchu Yamada 8:36 ⇒ Iwate Funakoshi 8:45 ⇒ Kamaishi 9:35 ⇒ Sakari 10:27 (Arrival) 

 ★On Saturday, February 12, elementary school students living in coastal municipalities can get on the train for free.

 (Obtain a ticket at a manned station of Sanriku Railway, or download it from the Sanriku Railway website and fill it out.) 

[Contact] Train operation: Sanriku Railway Operation Headquarters (℡ 0193-71-1201) 

2022/02/03 "I got on the STOVE TRAIN !"  Sales of stickers and Clear Files started ! [Tsugaru Railway]

Tsugaru Railway will sell a "I'm on the STOVE TRAIN!" Sticker and a Clear File as a souvenir for getting on Stove Train. 


With the cooperation of Kenji Fujita, a printmaker living in Hachinohe City, this is a print of the Stove Train running in a snowy field.

The sticker also includes the Tsugaru dialect introduced by the Tsugaru Peninsula Tourism Attendant in the car. 


Mr. Fujita's prints are simple and warm like the atmosphere of  the Stove Train, and they seem to be a great souvenir. 


〇Sales start: February 4th (Friday)

〇Selling price: 200 yen each (including consumption tax)

〇Sales location: Manned stations (Tsugaru Goshogawara station, Kanagi station and Tsugaru Nakasato station) and online sales 

2022/01/28 Operation time revised in March to improve convenience [Sanriku Railway]

Sanriku Railway will revise the operating time to improve user convenience. The outline is as follows. 

1. Amendment date: Saturday, March 12, 2022  

2. Main amendments: 

 A) Make it possible to transfer from the train departing from Kamaishi Station at 12:18 to        Miyako Station at 13:46 to the train departing from Miyako Station at 13:54 and             

      arriving at Kuji at 15:31.

 B) The train departing from Kuji Station at 14:15 and arriving at Miyako Station at 15:49    

      will be able to transfer to the train departing from Miyako Station at 16:13 and arriving    at Kamaishi Station at 17:35 at the same platform without using stairs. 

 C) It will be possible to transfer to the newly set JR Yamada Line train, making it easier to go sightseeing. 

・ From Kuji Station 5:03 Arrive at Miyako Station 6:37, Depart Iwate-Funakoshi Station 5:53 Arrive at Miyako Station 6:39 ⇒ Depart Miyako 

     Station 6:45 Arrive at Morioka Station 9:27 

・ From Morioka Station 6:32 Arrive at Miyako Station 9:01 ⇒ Depart Miyako Station 9:20 Arrive at Kuji Station 11:06 

Please see here for the timetable from Saturday, March 12th. 

2022/01/26 About "Santetsu St.Valentine's Day Planning 2022" [Sanriku Railway]

Santetsu St. Valentine's Day products, which have been well received every year, will be on sale this year as well. 


It is a limited quantity product that includes the 2022 limited "Kuji Arisu" and "Kamaishi Mana" Valentine 3D cards and Tetsu(鉄) cards together with the chocolate of Nisshindo DOUNEL in Miyako City. 


It will be sold at the Sanriku directly managed store "Santetsuya" next to Miyako Station and the online shop "Santetsuya".


For details, please check here

*"Santetsu" is the nickname of the Sanriku Railway, which is called by the locals. 

2022/01/25 Let's eat ingredients from the north of Iwate prefecture! Offering "special lunch to enjoy seafood"! [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

The restaurants ”Galaxy Dining Heno-heno”and "Bistro Galaxy"  operated by Iwate Galaxy Railway will offer a lunch menu for a limited time, which you can taste mackerel and seaweed from northern Sanriku blessed with abundant seafood. 


[Galaxy Dining Heno-heno]

1. Release period:January 25th (Tuesday) -February 9th (Wednesday)

* There is a temporary closure

2.Menu:Kita Sanriku Mackerel Hittsumi Gozen 1,580 yen (tax included) * Limited to 10 meals a day  (Local taste mackerel hot pot, roasted mackerel sushi, small bowl, mini dessert)

3.Place : 68 Moriai, Ishikiridokoro, Ninohe City Adjacent to Ninohe Station Cassiopeia Messe Nanyato 2nd floor


[Bistro Galaxy]

1. Release period:January 25th (Tuesday) -February 12th (Saturday)

* Closed on Sundays and months, closed for the year-end and New Year holidays

2. Menu:Kelp pasta set 1,380 yen (tax included) * Limited to 10 meals a day (Special kelp pasta, parfait salad, soup, mini dessert, drink)

3. Place:2-2-8 Aoyama, Morioka City Aoyama Station South Exit 

Please check here for more information.

2022/01/25 "Tsutetau and Regional 100 Years Project" in progress!  [Tsugaru Railway]

Tsugaru Railway launched the "Tsugaru and Regional 100 Years Project Executive Committee" in November 2021. This committee was established in order to collaborate with local governments, local organizations, and local companies along the railway lines to create a vibrant future for the Tsugaru Railway and the region 100 years from now. 


Until now, they have not only operated the winter specialty,  the Stove Train, but also the Illumination Train, the Apple Field Train and other fun-filled special trains, and the winter illumination at Ashinokoen Station, a famous place for cherry blossoms.

In addition, they are implementing new projects such as enhancing the appeal of Tsugaru Goshogawara Station and Togawa Station in collaboration with local high school students, and balloon art festival at Tsugaru Nakasato Station "Station Naka Nigiwai Space". 

"In the project, we would like to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy and livelihood by concentrating the power of the region and working to create new value with new ideas and acquiring a new fan base." They are saying. 


They will continue to cooperate with the executive committee to develop various initiatives and events along the railway lines. The project will be implemented from November 28, 2021 (Sun) to February 28, 2022 (Mon). 

In addition, the museum will be open to the public at Tsugaru-Iizume Station, which is held monthly by the "Iizume Revitalization Association," and "Tsugaru Day" on the 22nd of every month will be held as usual. 


For details on this project and event, please check the official website of "Tsugaru and Regional 100 Years Project" or Tsugaru Railway.

*"Tsutetsu" is a nickname for the Tsugaru Railway by locals. 

2022/01/24 IGR  PR video released!  [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway will release a PR video on the WEB from January 24th (Monday).

High school students from the area along the Iwate Galaxy Railway Line will appear, and the content will include an introduction to spots along the line and the state of IGR work, centering on images of playing musical instruments on the train. 

In addition to publishing PR videos on the WEB, TV commercials will also broadcast 15-second and 30-second versions.

For details, please see here

2022/01/24 "Sanriku ART GALLERY" now being held  [Sanriku Railway]

Sanriku International Arts Committee is holding the "Sanriku ART GALLERY" from January 15th (Sat) to March 31st (Thursday), 2022. 


At Sanriku ART GRALLY, in 2021, 10 years after the earthquake, three photographers experienced Sanriku's life, culture, and nature from their respective perspectives and took pictures. The photographs and interview videos being produced are on display inside the Sanriku Railway train. 


For details, please see here

2022/01/05 "Mori-Hachi Twin Ticket" will be released ![Iwate Galaxy Railway, Aoimori Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway and Aoimori Railway will release the "Mori-Hachi Twin Ticket", which is a great value ticket with two tickets that can be used between Morioka and Hachinohe, this year as well.


It seems that it can be used for business and sightseeing trips between Morioka and Hachinohe.


For more information on this ticket, please visit the Iwate Galaxy Railway Official Website or the Aoimori Railway Official Website

2021/12/27 Call for works for "Children's Tetsu-In Contest"  [Sanriku Railway, Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Sanriku Railway and Iwate Galaxy Railway are accepting submissions of works for the "1st Children's Tetsu-In Contest" sponsored by the Third Sector Railways Council, Yomiuri Travel Service Co., Ltd. and others.


Please download the special application form, be sure to enter the "name of the target railway company" and write the Tetsu-In freely.

You can use just the letters, the combination of the illustrations and the letters, monochrome, color, handwriting, or even using a computer. 


For more information on applying, please check the official websites of Sanriku Railway and Iwate Galaxy Railway