Welcome to the "Tetsutabi-Info" page!  "Tetsutabi" means traveling by railway.

This page contains articles related to "Tetsutabi" sent by members of the Tohoku Railway Association. 


2022/01/26 About "Santetsu St.Valentine's Day Planning 2022" [Sanriku Railway]

Santetsu St. Valentine's Day products, which have been well received every year, will be on sale this year as well. 


It is a limited quantity product that includes the 2022 limited "Kuji Arisu" and "Kamaishi Mana" Valentine 3D cards and iron cards together with the chocolate of Nisshindo DOUNEL in Miyako City. 


It will be sold at the Sanriku directly managed store "Santetsuya" next to Miyako Station and the online shop "Santetsuya".


For details, please check here

*"Santetsu" is the nickname of the Sanriku Railway, which is called by the locals. 

2022/01/25 Let's eat ingredients from the north of Iwate prefecture! Offering "special lunch to enjoy seafood"! [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

The restaurants ”Galaxy Dining Heno-heno”and "Bistro Galaxy"  operated by Iwate Galaxy Railway will offer a lunch menu for a limited time, which you can taste mackerel and seaweed from northern Sanriku blessed with abundant seafood. 


[Galaxy Dining Heno-heno]

1. Release period:January 25th (Tuesday) -February 9th (Wednesday)

* There is a temporary closure

2.Menu:Kita Sanriku Mackerel Hittsumi Gozen 1,580 yen (tax included) * Limited to 10 meals a day  (Local taste mackerel hot pot, roasted mackerel sushi, small bowl, mini dessert)

3.Place : 68 Moriai, Ishikiridokoro, Ninohe City Adjacent to Ninohe Station Cassiopeia Messe Nanyato 2nd floor


[Bistro Galaxy]

1. Release period:January 25th (Tuesday) -February 12th (Saturday)

* Closed on Sundays and months, closed for the year-end and New Year holidays

2. Menu:Kelp pasta set 1,380 yen (tax included) * Limited to 10 meals a day (Special kelp pasta, parfait salad, soup, mini dessert, drink)

3. Place:2-2-8 Aoyama, Morioka City Aoyama Station South Exit 

Please check here for more information.

2022/01/25 "Tsutetau and Regional 100 Years Project" in progress!  [Tsugaru Railway]

Tsugaru Railway launched the "Tsugaru and Regional 100 Years Project Executive Committee" in November 2021. This committee was established in order to collaborate with local governments, local organizations, and local companies along the railway lines to create a vibrant future for the Tsugaru Railway and the region 100 years from now. 


Until now, they have not only operated the winter specialty,  the Stove Train, but also the Illumination Train, the Apple Field Train and other fun-filled special trains, and the winter illumination at Ashinokoen Station, a famous place for cherry blossoms.

In addition, they are implementing new projects such as enhancing the appeal of Tsugaru Goshogawara Station and Togawa Station in collaboration with local high school students, and balloon art festival at Tsugaru Nakasato Station "Station Naka Nigiwai Space". 

"In the project, we would like to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy and livelihood by concentrating the power of the region and working to create new value with new ideas and acquiring a new fan base." They are saying. 


They will continue to cooperate with the executive committee to develop various initiatives and events along the railway lines. The project will be implemented from November 28, 2021 (Sun) to February 28, 2022 (Mon). 

In addition, the museum will be open to the public at Tsugaru-Iizume Station, which is held monthly by the "Iizume Revitalization Association," and "Tsugaru Day" on the 22nd of every month will be held as usual. 


For details on this project and event, please check the official website of "Tsugaru and Regional 100 Years Project" or Tsugaru Railway.

*"Tsutetsu" is a nickname for the Tsugaru Railway by locals. 

2022/01/24 IGR  PR video released!  [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway will release a PR video on the WEB from January 24th (Monday).

High school students from the area along the Iwate Galaxy Railway Line will appear, and the content will include an introduction to spots along the line and the state of IGR work, centering on images of playing musical instruments on the train. 

In addition to publishing PR videos on the WEB, TV commercials will also broadcast 15-second and 30-second versions.

For details, please see here

2022/01/24 "Sanriku ART GALLERY" now being held  [Sanriku Railway]

Sanriku International Arts Committee is holding the "Sanriku ART GALLERY" from January 15th (Sat) to March 31st (Thursday), 2022. 


At Sanriku ART GRALLY, in 2021, 10 years after the earthquake, three photographers experienced Sanriku's life, culture, and nature from their respective perspectives and took pictures. The photographs and interview videos being produced are on display inside the Sanriku Railway train. 


For details, please see here

2022/01/05 "Mori-Hachi Twin Ticket" will be released ![Iwate Galaxy Railway, Aoimori Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway and Aoimori Railway will release the "Mori-Hachi Twin Ticket", which is a great value ticket with two tickets that can be used between Morioka and Hachinohe, this year as well.


It seems that it can be used for business and sightseeing trips between Morioka and Hachinohe.


For more information on this ticket, please visit the Iwate Galaxy Railway Official Website or the Aoimori Railway Official Website

2021/12/27 Call for works for "Children's Tetsu-In Contest"  [Sanriku Railway, Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Sanriku Railway and Iwate Galaxy Railway are accepting submissions of works for the "1st Children's Tetsu-In Contest" sponsored by the Third Sector Railways Council, Yomiuri Travel Service Co., Ltd. and others.


Please download the special application form, be sure to enter the "name of the target railway company" and write the Tetsu-In freely.

You can use just the letters, the combination of the illustrations and the letters, monochrome, color, handwriting, or even using a computer. 


For more information on applying, please check the official websites of Sanriku Railway and Iwate Galaxy Railway

2021/12/23  Temporary rapid train "Moriyoshiyama *Jyuhyo Liner" increased! [Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo]

          *Jyuhyo:Tree covred with snow and ice.

Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetaudo will increase the number of temporary rapid trains "Moriyoshiyama Jyuhyo Liner" so that more people can appreciate the charm of Moriyoshiyama's Jyuhyo. 

The service will run for 52 days from January 8th (Sat) to February 28th (Mon), 2022.

During this period, the time of the shared taxi will be changed according to the temporary rapid train.

For details, please see here

2021/12/23  Announcement of timetable revision in March 2022 [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway will revise the train schedule on Saturday, March 12, 2022.

For the outline, review the operating sections and number of trains according to the actual usage situation,

≪Time zone for returning home≫

Trains that are rarely used will shorten the operating section or stop driving, but trains that are frequently used between Morioka and Takizawa will increase in number to alleviate congestion. 

≪Daytime time≫

Some trains that are rarely used (between Iwatenumakunai and Kindaichi Onsen) will be integrated. At that time, adjust as much as possible so that the intervals between train operations are not too wide.

They say.

Please see here for the details of the timetable revision. 

2021/12/21 Railway writer Naoki Tanemura "Train Travel Library" opened [Tsugaru Railway]

 Inside the train travel library ↓      

November 13, the 91st anniversary of the opening of all Tsugaru Railway lines,"Train Travel Library" has opened at Tsugaru-Iizume Station. This library holds more than 3,000 books by the late Naoki Tanemura, a writer specializing in railways.


On the day of the opening, many Tanemura fans from all over the country, including Mr. Tanemura's bereaved family, gathered and a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held with local officials to celebrate the opening. 


Tsugaru-Iizume Station has been an unmanned station since 2004, but it is crowded with events held at the station on the third Sunday of every month by the "Iizume wo Genki ni Suru Kai(Committe for Energizing Iizume)" organized by the residents around the station. Therefore, it is expected that the "Train travel Library", along with the Tsugaru-Iizume Station Museum, will become a place of relaxation for railway fans and a place for interaction with local residents. 


Click here for the latest information on the Tsugaru-Iizume Station Museum and the "Train Travel Library". 

2021/12/21 "Okunakayama Kogen Ski Ticket" released [Aoimori Railway,  Iwate Galaxy Railway]


Aoimori Railway and Iwate Galaxy Railway will release "Okunakayama Kogen Ski Ticket" in cooperation with Northen Transpertation Inc., Okunakayama Kogen Ski Resort and Iwate Kodomo no Mori (Iwate Children's Forest). The period is from Saturday, December 18th to Sunday, March 27th next year.


It is a convenient and affordable ticket that includes train and bus fares, a one-day ski lift ticket, and the original stamp rally mount of Iwate Kodomo no Mori.


For details, please check the official websites of Aoimori Railway and Iwate Ginga Railway

2021/12/21  The 19th issue of "Station-1 Gourmet" (Eki ichi Gourmet) is published!  [Sanriku Railway]

The 19th issue of "Station-1 Gourmet", which was the first issue when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, was issued.

The theme of the 19th issue is "Don't lose! Genki lunch", and a total of 32 delicious lunches from Hirono Town  to Rikuzentakata City on the Sanriku coast are posted. All the interviews were volunteers, and the food was photographed using a mobile camera. It features shops on the Sanriku coast that are trying hard to "do not lose" in the harsh environment of the influence of covid-19, population decline, and tourism decline.

Sanriku Railway is implementing this publishing business not as a profitable business but as an unpaid regional information transmission.

For more information, please contact Sanriku Railway (0193-62-8900). 


2021/12/15 IGR is looking for illustrations that convey the charm of the specialties and sights along the IGR line [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway is looking for illustrations that convey the charm of the specialties and sights along the line, with the aim of rediscovering and disseminating the charm of the area along the line.

The submitted illustrations will be posted on the straps inside the IGR train. 


(Theme) Illustrations that convey the attractions and specialties of the area along the IGR line

(Application period) Must arrive by Tuesday, January 11, 2022 * Mail only

Please see here for details such as the application procedure. 

2021/12/15 From December 17th (Friday)     Illuminations at Okunakayama Kogen Station[Iwate Galaxy Railway]

The Ichinohe Town Parallel Conventional Line Utilization Promotion Council (Chairman, Mayor Ichinohe) and Iwate Galaxy Railway will continue to illuminate Okunakayama Kogen Station from December 17, 2021 (Friday) to February 27, 2022 (Friday),this year as well.


The illuminations will make the coldest and snowiest Okunakayama plateau on the Iwate Galaxy Railway line slightly brighter and warmer.


A lighting ceremony will be held at Okunakayama Kogen Station from 16:10 on December 17th (Friday). 


2021/12/09 "Ninohe Apple Fair" will be held at Galaxy Dining HenoHeno and Bistro Galaxy [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway will hold  "Let's Eat Iwate Prefecture North Ingredients! " Ninohe Apple Fair " "   at the directly managed restaurants "Bistoro Galaxy" and "Galaxy Dining Henoheno".


At this fair, dishes using "apples" from Ninohe City, one of the prefecture's leading fruit producing areas, will be offered for a limited time. 


For details, please check here

2021/12/09 Western-style kotatsu train operates from Saturday, December 11th [Sanriku Railway]

・Western-style kotatsu : A kotatsu that sits in a chair. A kotatsu is a heating device that warms the lower half of the body by covering the heat source with a turret and putting a futon on it. 

・Haikara-san : "Haikara" are Western-style and novel because they wore high collars on shirts by politicians and officials who liked Western culture during the Meiji era. "Haikara-san" has been a term for fashionable people since the Taisho era. 

・Bottle Don : Scroll down to see the article on October 13, 2021. 

・Iwaizumi Tankakugyu : A Japanese Shorthorn beef from Iwaizumi, Iwate Prefecture. Characterized by lean meat with less fat.

・Ichigoni Bento : Scroll down to see the article on October 13, 2021. 



Sanriku Railway will operate the "Western-style Kotatsu Train" from Saturday, December 11, 2021 to Sunday, February 27, 2022, mainly on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. 


On the train between Miyako Station and Sakari Station, there is a guide of the scenery seen from the train window by Haikara-san's guide and Yamada Town Tourism Association's guide.In addition, a commemorative boarding pass, "Koishihama Busse" and oranges will be presented as gifts. 


At the same time, you can make reservations for Miyako's Bottle Don, Iwaizumi Tankakugyu Roast Beef Bento, and Ichigoni Bento, and you can relax and enjoy your trip on the Sanriku Railway Riasu Line while eating your lunch. 


The "Western-style Kotatsu Train Departure Ceremony" will be held at the Miyako Station platform from 10:45 AM on Saturday, December 11th. 



For more information on Western-style kotatsu trains, please click here

2021/12/01 Illuminations at Koma Station are being held this year as well [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

At Koma Station on the Iwate Galaxy Railway Line, illuminations were set up again this year by the Koma Station Protection Association (Chairman Tsutomu Igosawa). Every year, many people, including the local people, are pleased. The area in front of Koma Station, which is famous for Takuboku Ishikawa's departure, will be slightly bright and warm this winter. 

 ≪Lighting schedule≫

☆ Lighting period  From Friday, November 12, 2021 to around March 2022

☆ Lighting time  17:00 to 23:30

☆ Place Koma Station (Location: 2-14 Kamiyama, Koma, Morioka City)

☆ Organizer   The Koma Station Protection Association

☆ Cooperation   Iwate Galaxy Railway Co., Ltd. 

2021/12/01 "Special number of tickets for Elementary and Junior High School Students" is on sale!  The sale period of "Sanriku Burari Tabi  Half Price 2 Tickets" has been extended! [Sanriku Railway]

★ Sanriku Railway will release a new "Special number of Ticket for Elementary and Junior High School Students" from today (Wednesday, December 1st).This is a 6-sheet coupon ticket that reduces the boarding section by half. For junior high school students, it is half the normal adult fare, and for elementary school students, it is half the child fare. 

Click here for more information on this ticket. 

★ The popular "Sanriku Burari Tabi Half Price 2 Tickets" was scheduled to end on November 30th (Tuesday), but will be released for an extended period until March 31st, 2022. Also,from December 1st (Wednesday), the target people will be expanded from "residents in Iwate prefecture" to "all residents in Japan". Click here for more information on extending the sale period of the "Sanriku Burari Tabi Half Price 2 Tickets". 

* "Burari Tabi(ぶらり旅)" means a strolling trip, a casual trip or a going to wander off on my own.

2021/12/01 ”IGR HUG PASS”  Released today!   [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Perhaps some pregnant women are worried about driving a car during the winter. 


Iwate Galaxy Railway will release "IGR HUG PASS" from today (December 1st) in cooperation with Iwateken Kotsu for such pregnant women.This ticket is a very good ticket that allows you to use the Iwate Galaxy Railway Line and Iwateken Kotsu Bus at half the normal fare for a total of 5 days. 


It will be on sale on this day, which is the anniversary of the opening of the

Iwate Galaxy Railway, so that pregnant women can move safely and securely during the winter.


For more information, please visit here to check.

2021/11/12 Displaying  products of Rag weaves   At Aoyama Station Aoyama South Exit  [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

                                                      Image of Items 

Rag  weave is a woven fabric in which weft threads, which are made by splitting a cloth into small pieces, are woven with a weaving machine through which warp threads are passed. And it is characterized by having a warm and unique texture that cannot be expressed by machines. 

Iwate Galaxy Railway is displaying Rag woven products by "Saccor(幸呼来) Japan", at the Aoyama South Exit waiting room show window and "Bisutoro Galaxy" at Aoyama Station. The period is from November 2nd (Tuesday) to January 29th (Saturday) next year, and the items on display are scheduled to be replaced during this period.

For details, please see here (Iwate Galaxy Railway official website)

2021/11/05  November 13th (Sat)   "2nd Yuri Tetsu Fair" will be held [Yuri Kogen Railway]

On Saturday, November 13th, the Yuri Kogen Railway will hold the "2nd Yuri Tetsu Fair" at Yashima Station, on the premises, and at the depot to commemorate the 36th anniversary of the opening of the Yuri Kogen Railway "Chokai San Roku Line". 

At the fair, Yuri Tetsu Curry and Yuri Tetsu Ramen will be presented to visitors on a first-come, first-served basis.There are lots of other things to enjoy. 

For details, please see here (Yuri Kogen Railway official website).

※ "Yuri Tetsu" is a nickname used by residents along the Yuri kogen Railway. 

2021/11/05   Soon, the winter-only design "Tetsu-In(鉄印)" will be released [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway will release a limited-edition Tetsu In during the following period. 

1. Contents of the project

Regarding "Tetsu-In-Cho(鉄印帳)" and "Sign to Tetsu-in Cho" which started as a collaborative project of 40 companies that are members of the Third Sector Railway Council, Iwate Galaxy Railway(IGR) will release a winter limited design Tetsu In as a limited time Tetsu In. 

2. Release period

From Thursday, November 11, 2021 to Thursday, March 31, 2022 

3. About handling

Other than the design, there is no change in the handling of normal Tetsu-in.

・ Bookkeeping fee: 300 yen

・ Sales / Bookkeeping location: Aoyama Station Aoyama South Exit

・ Sales hours: 7:00 to 19:00 (excluding 11:00 to 12:00)

・ Please show me the Tetsu-In-Cho and the ticket for the Iwate Galaxy Railway Line that is valid on the day.

Please see here (Iwate Galaxy Railway official website) for purchase. 

2021/10/27  Two accident-free businesses and 16 excellent workers receive the Tohoku District Transport Bureau Director's Award    -  At the 28th "Railway Day" Memorial Ceremony  -

In 1994, October 14th was designated as "Railway Day" to commemorate the opening of Japan's first railway connecting Shimbashi Station and Yokohama Station on October 14, 1872. 

On Railroad Day, various events are held all over Japan. 


In such a situation, the 28th "Railway Day" commemorative ceremony was held at a hotel in Sendai City on October 25th this year by the Tohoku District Transport Bureau. 

At the commemorative ceremony, the director of the Tohoku Transport Bureau presented the award winners with a certificate of commendation. Among them, the people related to the Tohoku Railway Association are as follows. 

[Award for accident-free businesses]

・ Iwate Development Railway Co., Ltd.

・ Sendai Rinkai Railway Co., Ltd.

[Award for excellent workers]

・ One member of Sanriku Railway Co., Ltd. 

・ 3 members of Iwate Galaxy Railway Co., Ltd. 

・ 8 members of Transportation Bureau City of Sendai

・ 2 members of Sendai Rinkai Railway Co., Ltd. 

・ One member of Abukuma Kyuko Co., Ltd.  

・ One member of Fukushima Transportation .Inc.   

The acknowledgment was given by Mr. Hashimoto of Fukushima Transportation Inc., who was the winner of the Excellent Worker Award.  


Congratulations to all the winners! 

2021/10/18 Special trains will be operated !    For "Iwate / Kamaishi Rugby Memorial Match" [Sanriku Railway]

Sanriku Railway will operate a special train for the "Iwate / Kamaishi Rugby Memorial Match" to be held on January 14, 2021 (Sun). One round trip between Morioka-Tohoku Line-Kamaishi Line-Unosumai using two JR trains, and one round trip between Miyako and Unosumai using one Sanriku Railway train.


How about using the Sanriku Railway to see the Kamaishi Seawaves RFC vs Kobelco Kobe Steelers match and a variety of attractions?


For details, please see here (Sanriku Railway official website)



2021/10/13 2021 Autumn Premium Lunch Train  (Miyako-Sakari) is about to operate!   [Sanriku Railway]

Sanriku Railway will operate the "2021 Autumn Premium Lunch Train" on Saturdays and holidays from October 23 (Sat) to November 28 (Sun), 2021. 


There are a total of 14 temporary trains(Ozashiki train)  running between Miyako Station and Sakari Station on the Sanriku Railway.The trains will offer a special lunch to please the passengers traveling in Iwate Sanriku. This time, in addition to the popular "Special Nigiri Sushi! Santetsu Sushi" in the spring issue, new upgraded versions of "Bottle Don" and "Ichigoni Bento" will be added.


For details, please see here (Sanriku Railway official website)


2021/10/04 "North Iwate MaaS" service started! 【Iwate Galaxy Railway/Sanriku Railway】

Iwate Galaxy Railway and Sanriku Railway will start selling some advantageous tickets by North Iwate MaaS. 

This makes it possible to easily and conveniently purchase a ticket on a smartphone, etc. while staying at home, and the purchased ticket is displayed on the smartphone screen so that you can use the train or bus as it is. 


The ”Kita Iwate MaaS website” introduces how to use Kita Iwate MaaS, as well as tourist information and model courses.


1.Service start date

From Wednesday, October 6, 2021


2. Released products

Kita Iwate Gurutto Pass (A pass to go around North Iwate) 

* The products released by North Iwate MaaS will be expanded in the future.

3.How to use

Please see the "Kita Iwate MaaS website ". 


Website with relaited articles : Iwate Galaxy Railway Website,

                                                         Sanriku Railway Website 

※What is MaaS?

MaaS stands for Mobility as a Saervic. For example, when moving from home to destination, until now, you had to search, make reservations, and make payments for each of multiple transportation systems, but by making it possible to do so with just one smartphone app (MaaS app), It is intended to facilitate movement. 

2021/10/04  The gallery train, where you can enjoy the spectacular view of Sanriku with the train window and illustrations, starts! [Sanriku Railway]

In collaboration with the Nippon Kokoku Seisaku kyokai (OAC), Sanriku Railway will operate one train every day as "Sanriku Railway Window Gallery Train" on the Sanriku Railway Rias Line for one month from October 1, 2021. 

Posted in the vehicle are 60 illustrations of the scenery of the train window sent by professionals and amateurs nationwide who want to revitalize Sanriku and the towns along the railway lines. A large-format calendar consisting of 13 of their works will also be on sale from October 1st. 


For details, please see here

2021/09/21 Published a list of major planned boarding tickets for regional railways under the jurisdiction of the Tohoku Distorict Transport Bureau [Tohoku District Transport Bureau]

Last week, the Tohoku District Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism released a list of planned boarding tickets run by regional railway operators in the Tohoku region. 

An official of the Railway Department of the Tohoku District Transport Bureau said, "Regional railways in the Tohoku region issue various ingenious free passes and discount tickets as a measure to stimulate passenger demand. Based on these efforts of regional railway companies, the Tohoku District Transport Bureau will organize the efforts of each company into a list and disseminate information from the viewpoint of improving user convenience.  In this way, we would like to contribute to the promotion of the use of regional railways and the revitalization of the region."

In the list, various planned tickets of 12 members of the Tohoku Railway Association are listed.

Please see here for details.

* Members of the Tohoku Railway Association in the list: Tsugaru Railway/ Konan Railway/ Aoimori Railway/ Iwate Galaxy Railway/ Sanriku Railway/ Transportaion Bureau City of Sendai/ Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo/ YURI KOGEN RAILWAY/ Yamagata Railway/ Abukuma Kyuko/ Fukushima Transportation / Aizu Railway 

2021/09/21 Let's eat ingredients from the north of Iwate prefecture! " Saru-nashi WEEK" now being held [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

[About  Saru-nashi ] 

 Saru-nashi is a small fruit that is sweet and sour like kiwifruit. The fruit is smaller than kiwifruit and is also called "baby kiwi" in English. Since there is no hair on the surface, it can be eaten with the skin, and it is also used for processed products such as fruit liquor and jam.

Iwate Galaxy Railway offers dishes using Karumai-cho's special product "Saru-nashi" for a limited time at the restaurant "Galaxy Dining Henoheno" operated by their company. 


This is the second step in efforts to improve the name recognition of ingredients and processed products in the northern part of the prefecture, expand sales channels, and acquire fans in collaboration with  North Wide Area Promotion Bureau of the Iwate Prefecture.



1.Release period

September 18th (Sat) -October 13th (Wed), 2021

2. menu

・ Saru-nashi dressing x power salad 500 yen (tax included)

・ Saru-nashi jam and seasonal fruit crepe 580 yen (tax included)

・ Saru-nashi yogurt drink 400 yen (tax included) 

Please see here for details. 

2021/09/06 "Morioka-Aomori Railway 130th Anniversary Commemorative Station Admission Ticket Set"will be on sale from September 17th ![Iwate Galaxy Railway / Aoimori Railway]

Iwate Galaxy Railway and Aomori Railway will release a limited number of "Morioka-Aomori Railway 130th Anniversary Commemorative Station Admission Ticket Set" from September 17, 2021 (Friday). 

This is a special mount with hard ticket admission tickets for all 14 stations, which will celebrate the 130th anniversary of its opening this year and Morioka Station. 

This set can be actually used during the valid period, and the special mount contains photographs of railway vehicles and station buildings from the past to the present between Morioka and Aomori. 


For more information, please check the website below.

Iwate Galaxy Railway       Aoimori Railway 

2021/08/26 Yahoo! Net Fundraising "Sanriku Railway Support Fundraising" Announcement [Sanriku Railway]

       At Sanriku Railway, due to the influence of Covid-19, the number of passengers, mainly tourists, has decreased significantly, fare income has been halved in FY2020, and the severe situation continues in FY2021.

       However, the number of trains operated per day is not large, and if even one train is reduced, it will have a large impact on passengers who use it for commuting to work, school, or hospital. Therefore, even after the fare revenue has decreased significantly, the trains have been operated without reduction. 

        Under these circumstances, with the cooperation of Yahoo Japan Corporation, Sanriku Railway has opened the Yahoo! Net Fundraising "Sanriku Railway Support Fundraising". 


         At the time of opening, Sanriku Railway said, "The donations received will be used for the continuation of stable operation and the planning and creation of planned trains and travel products after Covid-19 is settled. We will work to play a leading role in tourism and regional development as a transportation infrastructure that supports everyone's lives. " 


Yahoo! Net Fundraising URL https://donation.yahoo.co.jp/detail/5242002


■ Click here for related articles on the Sanriku Railway website. 

2021/08/11  About the release of limited "Tetsu-In-Cho(鉄印帳)"    [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

        Iwate Galaxy Railway will release a limited number of "Golden Tetsu In Cho with Tetsu Card of Third Sector Railways Council" in addition to the dark blue, black, green, and denim Tetsu-In-Cho currently on sale. 


1.About "Golden Tetsu-In-Cho with Tetsu Card of Third Sector Railways Council" :  The Tetsu-In-Cho celebrated its first anniversary on July 10, 2021.  "Golden Tetsu-In-Cho with Tetsu Card of Third Sector Railways Council" is a limited Tetsu-In-Cho released in commemoration of this. It will be released in a limited quantity.

2. Release date: Saturday, August 14, 2021

3. Amount: 2,500 yen (tax included)

4. Number of copies sold: 100

5. Handling location and reception hours:

         [Handling location] Aoyama Station Aoyama South Exit

         [Reception hours] 7:00 to 11:00 / 12:00 to 19:00 

6. Inquiries: IGR Iwate Ginga Railway Co., Ltd. Transportation Department Sales Promotion Group TEL 019-601-9983 FAX 019-601-9998 

2021/08/11   The 4th and 5th "IGR Day Trip Pack" are on sale!  [Iwate Galaxy Railway]

     Iwate Galaxy Railway has released the 4th and 5th IGR Day Trip Packs, which are a set of IGR 1-day free boarding ticket and lunch, at Galaxy Railway Tourism(銀河鉄道観光)

      The 4th is a tour pack with a full-scale lunch course provided by the restaurant of "Hotel Metropolitan Morioka", and you can choose from Japanese, Western, and Chinese food.

      The 5th is a tour pack with a new menu of IGR's directly managed restaurant "Galaxy Dining Henoheno" and a lunch set of Jomon sweets. 

       Click here for the details of the 4th, and click here for the details of the 5th.